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Guangzhou Baiyun Airport

Written by AppleUpdated Jan. 17, 2021

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, which is located to the north of Guangzhou, is one of China's busiest major airports with large passenger capacity and cargo turnover. The Baiyun International Airport opened 90-odd domestic air routes and 23 international air routes with a total capacity of 12.57 million passengers in 1997, and cargo turnover reached 351,800 tons in 1997. There are over 110,000 flights annually. The current single 11,089 foot long runway has almost outlived its usefulness.

  • Chinese Name: 广州白云机场
  • Airport Code: CAN
  • Website:
  • Address: Airport International Office Building, South Area of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, P.R.China
  • Chinese Address: 白云区人和镇和花都区新华街道交界
  • Telephone: 86-020-3606

Transportation To/From the Airport

The Shortest Driving Distance & Hours from Guangzhou Airport to...

The Following data show the shortest driving distance and hours from Baiyun Airport (under the condition of no traffic jam).

    Distance Driving Time
Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to Pazhou Complex 45KM 42m
Guangzhou Train Station 29KM 30m
Guangzhou East Train Station 40KM 38m
Guangzhou North Train Station 17KM 24m
Hong Kong 194KM 2h20m
Shenzhen 157KM 1h53m

Airport Ground Transportation

There are public buses available to transfer passengers from the airport to different destinations in the city, and its nearby cities. Ground transportation information booth is located in the arrivals hall.

Airport Express Bus

Six express bus lines (Line1, Line2A, Line2B, Line3, Line4 and Line11) are providing passengers convenient transportation to and from Baiyun International Airport.

Line Destinations First Run/Final Run Price Frequency
Line 1 Baiyun Airport, North Gate of the old Guangzhou Airport, Guangzhou General Station of Exit a nd Entry Frontier Inspection, Central Hotel, CAAC Ticket Office (near to Guangzhou Railway Station) 07:00/the last flight of the day 13-16 RMB 5-15 minutes
Line 2A Baiyun Airport, Garden Hotel, Holiday Inn City Center Guangzhou,International Hotel Guangdong, Guangzhou 05:00/23:00 13-16 RMB 15-30 minutes
Line 2B Baiyun Airport, Garden Hotel (after 20:00), President Hotel, Yutong Hotel 07:00/20:00 17 RMB 15-30 minutes
Line 3 Baiyun Airport, United Star Hotel, Fangcun Bus Station 07:00/23:00 17/22 RMB 30 minutes
Line 4 Baiyun Airport, Guangyuan Bus Station, South China University of Technology, Wa King Town Hotel,Yigang Garden, Pearl Garden Hotel 07:45/21:00 15/18/22/23/28 RMB one hour

Airport Shuttle Bus

Passengers are able to choose the nine shuttle bus lines, namely Line5, Line6A, Line6B, Line7A, Line7B, Line8A, Line8B, Line9 and Line10, to go between Guangzhou Airport and downtown area. Shuttle bus services are is available 24 hours a day, and many local hotels also provide complimentary shuttle pick-up and drop-off.

Line Destinations First Run/Final Run Price
Line 5 Baiyun Airport, Jinhan Exhibition Center, Haizhu Plaza, Globelink Hotel 06:50/00:20 20 RMB
Line 6A Baiyun Airport, Tianhe Hotel, Tianhe Terminal of Guangzhou Airport (CITIC Plaza), close to Guangzhou East Railway Station 06:30/the last flight arrival 20 RMB
Line 6B Baiyun Airport, Office of Nanfang Daily, Pearl River New Town 06:45/22:20 20 RMB
Line 7A Baiyun Airport, White Palace Hotel, Panyu Hotel 07:20/23:30 32 RMB
Line 7B Baiyun Airport, Luoxi Garden Inn, Clifford Hotel 05:15/21:00 32 RMB
Line 8A Baiyun Airport, Suijing Hotel, Guangyuan Bus Station, Tianhe Bus Station 07:20/23:00 20 RMB
Line 8B Baiyun Airport, Huangpu Terminal of Guangzhou Airport (Guangzhou International Toys & Gifts Center), Xintang Terminal of Guangzhou Airport (Sun City Hotel) 07:30/21:40 36 RMB
Line 9 Baiyun Airport, Grand Peak Hotel, Nanhang Garden, Junwei Palza, Henry Business Hotel, New Century Hotel 07:30/20:30 8 RMB
Line 10 Baiyun Airport, New Pearl River Hotel, Haizhu Bus Station 06:45/23:00 25 RMB

Taxi Rental

Taxi rental services are available within the terminal hall, 24 hours a day, and passengers can receive transportation to various destinations in the city. Taxicabs are positioned outside the Main Terminal Hall in the pick-up and drop-off zones.

Other Airport Information

History of Guangzhou Baiyun Airport

Guangzhou Baiyun Airport

The Guangzhou city government decided to move the airport, one of China's busiest, away from the crowded urban area as rising cargo and passenger volumes are causing increasing congestion. The PRC Government has approved the project in the document that titled "the Approval of Moving and Construction of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport by the state council and the State Military Commission". The new airport project in Guangzhou commenced construction in the second half of 1999, with completion targeted for early 2003. Upon completion, the new airport will replace the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport as the main hub. Guangzhou New Baiyun International Airport is located at the junction of the North Ren He County of Baiyun District and the East Xin Hua County of Hua Du, 28 kilometers away from downtown Guangzhou, and 17 kilometers from the current Baiyun International Airport. At an estimated cost of US$2.3 billion, the first phase of construction is scheduled to be operational by 2002. When completed in 2005, the three-runway airport will have a cargo capacity of 2.5 million tons and a passenger capacity of 80 million a year. Two runways are being constructed in the first phase -- the west runway is 3600 meters in length and 45 meters in wilih, while the east runway is 3800 meters and 45 meters respectively. The vertical distance between the two runways is 2200 meters. The two long-distance parallel runways will be equipped with precise instrument landing system and flying assistant lighting system. The third paralleled runway is designed 680 meters south of the east one, with a length of 3200 meters and a wilih of 45 meters.

Taxi Directions

Please drive me to Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, thank you!
请送我到 广州白云 机场,谢谢

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