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Beijing-Xi'an Train Schedule and Travel Tips

Beijing-Xi'an Train Schedule and Travel Tips

Written by FabioUpdated Aug. 9, 2023

Travelers can choose from 20 pairs of high-speed trains and 10 pairs of normal-speed overnight trains that operate between Beijing and Xi'an, two of the most historic cities in China. The high-speed trains predominantly run between Beijing West and Xi'an North stations, offering efficient travel options. On the other hand, the overnight trains have three departing stations in Beijing, with Xi'an station serving as the sole overnight train station in Xi'an.

For those seeking a swift journey, the fastest high-speed train completes the route in a mere 4 hours and 11 minutes. This option is highly recommended for passengers who prioritize speed. Conversely, if you prefer to have a comfortable sleep during your journey, it is advisable to book soft sleeper tickets on an overnight train.

Beijing-Xi'an High-Speed Trains

  • Distance: 1,209 kilometers (752 miles)
  • Shortest duration: 4 hours 11 minutes
  • Number of trains in service: 20 pairs of high-speed trains
  • Terminals: Beijing West Station, Xi'an North Station

Beijing to Xi'an High-Speed Train Schedules

(Updated on June 27th, 2023)

Train Number Departure Time Arrival Time Duration
G651 06:35 12:17 5h 42m
G91 07:55 12:06 4h 11m
G55 09:55 14:06 4h 11m
G871 12:55 17:08 4h 13m
G673 13:46 19:37 5h 51m
G89 15:00 19:13 4h 13m
G659 15:20 20:50 5h 30m
G663 16:45 22:25 5h 40m
G665 17:08 22:30 5h 22m
G59 19:00 23:11 4h 11m

There are 20 daily high-speed trains from Bejing to Xi'an, departingtime from 06:35 to 19:00. Trains listed above are some of them, please search for the latest schedule at the top of the web page.

Xi'an to Beijing High-Speed Train Schedules

(Updated on June 27th, 2023)

Train Number Departure Time Arrival Time Duration
G652 07:07 12:13 5h 6m
G56 09:10 13:30 4h 20m
G656 10:45 16:19 5h 34m
G660 13:04 18:48 5h 44m
G58 14:26 18:37 4h 11m
G662 15:09 20:30 5h 21m
G664 15:49 21:14 5h 25m
G90 18:22 22:32 4h 10m
G92 18:32 22:42 4h 10m
G60 19:00 23:17 4h 17m

There are 20 daily high-speed trains from Xi'an to Beijing, departing from 06:35 to 19:00. Trains listed above are some of them, please search for the latest schedule at the top of the web page.

Beijing-Xi'an High-Speed Train Ticket Prices

Business Class First Class Second Class
US$226 (CNY1,627.5) US$115 (CNY824.5) US$72 (CNY515.5)

Beijing-Xi'an Normal-Speed Trains

  • Shortest duration: 11 hours 37 minutes
  • Number of trains in service: 10 pairs of high-speed trains
  • Terminals: Beijing West Station, Beijing Fengtai Station, Xi'an North Station

Beijing to Xi'an High-Speed Train Schedules

(Updated on June 28th, 2023)

Train Number Departure Time Arrival Time Duration
T55 15:46 04:59 13h 13m
Z129 15:53 03:42 11h 49m
Z151 15:59 03:48 11h 49m
T41 18:48 08:08 13h 20m
Z19 20:18 07:55 11h 37m
Z43 20:36 08:23 11h 47m

Xi'an to Beijing High-Speed Train Schedules

(Updated on June 28th, 2023)

Train Number Departure Time Arrival Time Duration
T232 17:25 06:12 (next day) 12h 47m
Z20 19:16 07:01 (next day) 11h 45m
T42 20:20 09:22 (next day) 13h 2m
Z44 20:27 08:22 (next day) 11h 55m
T56 20:34 10:46 (next day) 14h 12m
T8 23:19 12:40 (next day) 13h 21m

Beijing-Xi'an High-Speed Train Ticket Prices

Superior Soft Sleeper Soft Sleeper Hard Sleeper Hard Seat
US$102 (CNY735.5) US$55 (CNY398.5) US$35 (CNY254.5) US$21 (CNY148.5)

Top Attractions in Xi’an

The Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses Museum is an absolute must-visit for both history enthusiasts and first-time travelers to the area. This remarkable underground army was constructed to safeguard the legacy of Qinshihuang, the first feudal emperor in Chinese history, who sought to maintain his power even in the afterlife. Almost five decades ago, these astounding 7,000 life-sized terracotta soldiers and horses were unearthed and still stand proudly in their original location.

Terracotta ArmyTerracotta Army

In addition to the awe-inspiring museum, Xi'an offers a couple of other notable attractions worth exploring. The Ancient City Wall, a majestic structure encircling the city, not only showcases the historical significance of Xi'an but also provides a unique opportunity for tourists to admire the breathtaking cityscape. Many visitors choose to rent bicycles and leisurely cycle along this ancient wall, immersing themselves in the surrounding beauty.

Another fascinating destination in Xi'an is the Muslim Quarter. This vibrant and bustling area is rich in cultural heritage, offering an array of local street food and unique shopping experiences. Exploring the narrow streets of the Muslim Quarter, visitors can savor the tantalizing flavors of Xi'an's culinary delights, indulging in a diverse range of delectable dishes.

FAQs on Beijing-Xi’an Train

How long is the train journey from Beijing to Xi'an?

The duration of the train journey from Beijing to Xi'an depends on the type of train you choose. If you opt for a high-speed train, the travel time typically ranges from four to six hours. On the other hand, if you prefer an overnight train, the journey usually takes around 12 hours, requiring you to spend a night on the train.

How to Travel from Beijing to Xi'an?

There are several transportation options available when traveling from Beijing to Xi'an, including high-speed trains, normal-speed trains, and flights. Let's explore each option and consider their prices, journey duration, and punctuality:

  High-Speed Train Normal-Speed Train Airplane
Duration 5 hours 12 to 17 hours 2 hours 30 minutes
Ticket Price Second class: US$72 Soft sleeper: US$55
Hard sleeper: US$35
Punctuality 99% punctual Occasional delays Occasional delays

High-Speed Trains:

  • Opting for a high-speed train from Beijing to Xi'an offers a convenient and comfortable travel experience.
  • The journey duration for a high-speed train is approximately 5 hours. Departing early in the morning allows you to make the most of your time by taking a nap on the train and engaging in sightseeing activities upon arrival in Xi'an.
  • As a result, the high-speed train is highly recommended as it provides a balance between travel time and the opportunity to explore Xi'an in the same day.


  • There are numerous flight options available daily from Beijing to Xi'an, with a relatively short duration of only 2 hours and 15 minutes.
  • However, it's important to consider the additional time required for various airport-related procedures and transportation.
  • It typically takes around 2 hours to travel from downtown Beijing to either Beijing Daxing Airport or Capital Airport. Upon arrival in Xi'an, it takes an additional 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach downtown Xi'an from Xi'an Xianyang Airport.
  • Taking into account the total journey time of airport transfers and flight durations, the overall travel time may extend beyond 6 hours.

Overnight Trains:

Typically, individuals with a penchant for overnight train travel opt for this unique way of journeying. Embracing the opportunity to relish the picturesque landscapes seen from the railway, these enthusiasts take pleasure in forging new connections with fellow passengers during their train adventures.

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