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China Train Ticket Booking Policy

Please read the following Booking Procedures and Policies carefully. Placing a booking order implies that our procedure and policies have been read and accepted.

Many tourists would like to use China’s vast and cheap rail network, however obtaining train tickets is not an easy process (long queues, language problems, etc.). China Highlights makes train ticket on-line booking available to you to save you time, hassle and money.




Ticket Collection and Delivery


Cancellation and Refunds

Minimize your loss

Checking In and Checking Out


Baggage space is limited and must be stored in the sitting/sleeping compartment along with the other passenger’s luggage. It is wise to travel with limited baggage, which should not be left unattended.

Most stations have a considerable number of stairs to climb to reach the platforms. Bags have to be carried up and down these stairs. Most stairs have a steep ramp so that wheeled bags can be dragged up as you walk up the stairs. The ramps are usually narrow and inconvenient to use.

Some stations have porters who will carry luggage for 5-10 yuan per piece of luggage. Follow them closely and keep your eyes on your luggage.

Free Carry-on Luggage

Booking Policy for International Railway Routes

China Highlights’ Booking Policy for International Railway Routes is the guideline for both customers and China Highlights itself to ensure availability, reduce unnecessary misunderstanding and minimize the unproductive cost due to any wrong-going during the booking process. Requirements for ticket bookings to other countries differ than that in China. This policy is presented to satisfy general booking procedure anyway possible.

Please note that China Highlights doesn’t guarantee 100% for ticket obtaining and we don’t hold responsibility for unsuccessful attempt to obtain tickets. Your money is refundable in case we cannot obtain tickets. Your understanding and obeying are highly appreciated.

Booking Time

Pre-sale period differs by specific international trains. To ensure for valid booking and ticket issuing, China Highlights sets up a time frame for different routes:

(1) To/from Beijing, Shanghai and Nanning:
60 days ahead until 5 days prior to the departure date. Example: for booking a train to Ulaanbaatar from Beijing on August 10th, tickets are bookable from June 10th but we won’t process bookings that are made during August 5th to 10th.

(2) To/from Guangzhou:
60 days ahead until 5 days prior to the departure date. Example: for booking a train to Hong Kong from Guangzhou on August 10th, tickets are bookable from July 10th but we won’t process bookings that are made during August 5th to 10th.

What you need for booking international train tickets

Booking international trains with China Highlights is fairly easy. After you search and make a booking on our website, our traveler advisors will confirm the trip with you. We will need a scan of valid passport for each traveler. The scans will be used for purchase only and none of your personal info will leak out.

Note: Travelers should obtain visa for the destination country (if needed) before booking the trains. If the train has stopovers in more than one country, travelers shall apply for transit visa of the stopover destination, like K3/4 passing by Mongolia. Neither of China Highlights and train stations is obligated to validate travelers’ visas, has no right, either. China Highlights shoulders no responsibility for boarding rejection due to invalid visa.

Nanning to Vietnam/Vietnam to Nanning Train

Scanned copies of your passport and Vietnam visa are required to be uploaded when making a booking. We will need these to process the booking. China Highlights holds no responsibility for not obtaining tickets due to invalid passport or Vietnam visa.

After Buying Tickets

After the booking process is completed and tickets are successfully issued, China Highlights will have the paper tickets delivered to your address. Please note:

  1. Passengers are required to have their passports and tickets checked by the station staffers. Passengers will be rejected to board if the passport numbers don’t match with the tickets.
  2. Any hand-written juggling on the paper tickets will cause ticket invalidation and will be mandatorily expropriated by the rail department. Transferring to another passenger is not allowed, either. Passengers will be rejected to board in these cases.

Price Excludes

The price amount of every booking is different based on different international trains. These items or services are not included in our final quotation:

Children Fares

For trains from/to Hong Kong:

Children fare only applies for children between 5 and 10 years old (not including 10 years). One child under 5 years old (not including 5 years) can ride with an adult for free; one adult can only take one less-than-5-years-old child given the child doesn’t take up a seat. Children above 10 years old (including 10 years) shall pay full price. This policy applies for train route, station and date specified on the paper tickets.

For trains between Beijing – Moscow and Beijing – Ulaanbaatar:

For trains between Beijing and Hanoi:

Children, no matter how old, will be charged a Children Price for trains between Beijing and Hanoi. Please click here to check out price details.

Note: For trains from/to Hong Kong: Children fare just applies for children who are between 5 and 9 years old. Children above 10 will be charged equally as adults. Every adult passenger can bring one child who is under 5 years old and doesn’t take up a seat free of charge. Children fare is only valid for the specific train routes as stated on the paper ticket.

Cancellation and Changes

Due to the special requirements of China Rail, China Highlights doesn’t accept any requests regarding cancellation or changes, thanks for understanding. Application for ticket cancellation and changes shall be filed in person at the railway station with travelers’ original passports. Before doing that at the railway station, keep yourself noted:

Boarding International Trains

Getting to the train station at least 2 hours prior to departure can save you a lot of trouble. Travelers shall take seat or sleeper as designated on the paper tickets. International train tickets have English instruction that can be used to find your platform and car.

Original passports and international train paper tickets are to be presented while boarding the trains. Keep them safe when your pass is validated. When passing the custom, you will be required to have a passport and visa check. China Highlights holds no responsibility for any rejection of carrying on the trip due to invalid passport or visa, or losing travel documents or tickets.

Taking a train that passes more than one country, travelers shall not get out of the railway station during any stop en route. China Highlights has no responsibility if travelers go against the local laws and regulations.

Baggage Allowance

Every adult can have carry-on luggage that is within 35kg (77lb) and 200cm (78.7in) with length, width and height combined; that is free of charge. Free carry-on luggage for children under 12 years old (not including 12) should be 15kg (33lb). The excess weight will be charged 100yuan/kg. A stroller doesn’t fall as excess weight as long as it belongs to the child passenger.

Prohibited items include: firearms (guns, knives, ammunition of any caliber in any quantity etc), explosives (including fireworks and pyrotechnics) and imitation explosives or devices, items containing incapacitating gases, liquids or other substances (including CS gas sprays), inflammable substances except in minimal quantities (eg. lighters), butane gas, any items that are prohibited or limited by the government, live animals and insects and anything that can do harm to other passengers and public hygiene. Luggage that exceeds the limitation of the regulation shall not be brought onto train either.   

Missing the Train 

Passengers who have missed the trains are entitled to present verification for refund in 3 hours after the trains have departed from the station.