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Changsha Railway Station

Changsha has two major railway stations, Changsha Railway Station and Changsha South Railway Station, of which the former mainly serves ordinary trains and express trains, and the latter serves high-speed trains. Changsha Railway Station is 1,587 kilometers (986 miles) from Beijing West Railway Station, 1,173 kilometers (729 miles) from Shanghai South Railway Station and 1,068 kilometers (675 miles) from Maoming East Railway Station.

Changsha Railway Station was renovated in 2015. With an area of 40,000 square meters (430,000 square feet), it is 23 meters (75 feet) tall and 151 meters (495 feet) wide with a square in both the west and east sections. There are five ordinary waiting halls, six VIP cushioned-seat waiting halls, one mother and baby hall, and one soldier waiting hall; more than 30 ticket windows for passengers’ convenience. Inter-city buses for Zhuzhou City and Xiangtan City depart every 15 minutes from the square in front of the railway station.

  • Chinese: 长沙火车站
  • Name on train tickets: 长沙
  • Address: Chezhan Middle Road, Changsha 长沙市芙蓉区车站中路
  • Location: At Furong District
  • Metro: Lines 2, Line 3
  • Station size: 7 platforms.

Lines and Trains from/to Changsha Railway Station

 The outside of Changsha Railway Station, China TrainChangsha Railway Station

Changsha Railway Station serves as the joining point of the Beijing – Guangzhou Railway, Hunan – Guizhou Railway, Hangzhou – Nanchang Railway, Luoyang – Zhanjiang Railway, Wuhan – Guangzhou Railway, and Shimen – Changsha Railway lines, where more than 80 pairs of trains for the major cities of China are available each day. It is very convenient to travel from Changsha to many major cities within China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Harbin, Shenyang, Xi’an, Kunming, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Fuzhou, Nanning, and Jinan.

Below is a list of major trains operating from Changsha Railway Station to the other major railway stations in China:

(Updated on February 20th, 2019)

Types Trains Destinations Departure Arrival Duration
K Trains K785 Nanchang 13:14 19:10 5h 56min
K9017 Shenzhen 23:05 09:45 next day 10h 40min
K809 Hangzhou 21:47 10:28 next day 12h 41min
K502 Chongqing North 17:02 06:50 next day 13h 48min
K1074 Jinan 15:00 09:33 next day 18h 33min
K810 Changde 11:29 13:40 2h 11min
K1376 Zhangjiajie 07:28 12:56 5h 28min
K457 Haikou 21:05 19:28 next day 22h 23min
K502 Chengdu East 17:02 10:53 next day 17h 51min
K9064 Jishou 22:15 05:44 next day 7h 29min
K809 Suzhou 21:47 14:54 next day 17h 7min
T Trains T124 Changchun 01:25 06:49 next day 29h 24min
T146 Shijiazhuang 17:28 07:35 next day 14h 7min
Z Trains Z6 Beijing West 19:40 09:48 next day 14h 8min
Z245 Shanghai South 20:08 06:44 next day 10h 36min
Z162 Wuchang 16:34 20:01 3h 27min
Z264 Lhasa 19:16 16:19 second day 45h 3min
Z168 Qingdao 07:10 05:22 next day 22h 12min
Z149 Guiyang 23:24 11:31 next day 12h 7min
Z285 Guilin North 11:23 16:19 4h 56min
Z53 Kunming 11:56 07:25 next day 19h 29min

Up-to-date Changsha train schedules.

Trains From Changsha Railway Station to Guangzhou

Changsha Railway Station is 707 kilometers (439 miles) from Guangzhou Railway Station. Only non-bullet trains are running between these two stations daily. Below is list of trains leaving for Guangzhou from Changsha Railway Station:

(Updated on February 20th, 2019)

Trains Departure Arrival Duration
K1007 00:12 09:30 9h 18min
Z235 00:21 08:30 8h 9min
K9075 00:29 08:42 8h 13min
Z189 01:29 09:23 7h 54min
Z35 01:51 09:16 7h 25min
K237 01:57 10:36 8h 39min
Z97 02:36 10:04 7h 28min
K599 02:43 11:06 8h 23min
T123 02:55 10:48 7h 53min
K225 03:40 12:04 8h 24min
K641 03:46 11:25 7h 39min
Z137 13:23 21:22 7h 59min
T8309 22:45 06:45 next day 8h
K9063 22:59 07:25 next day 8h 26min
K9017 23:05 07:31 next day 8h 26min

Up-to-date schedules of Changsha to Guangzhou trains.

Ordinary Trains From Changsha Railway Station to Beijing

Changsha is about 1,249 kilometers (776 miles) from Beijing. There are non-bullet trains running between Changsha Railway Station and Beijing/Beijing West railway stations. Please note that high-speed trains from Changsha to Beijing all depart from Changsha South Railway Station. Below is list of the trains leaving for Beijing from Changsha Railway Station:

(Updated on February 20th, 2019)

Trains Departure Arrival Duration
Z162 16:34 05:52 next day 14h 18min
Z202 16:26 05:46 next day 14h 20min
Z78 21:42 12:10 next day 14h 28min
Z2 17:42 08:16 next day 14h 34min

Check up-to-date train schedules from Changsha to Beijing.

Trains From Changsha Railway Station to Shenzhen

Changsha Railway Station is about 854 kilometers (531 miles) from Shenzhen Railway Station. Only non-bullet trains are running between the two stations daily. Below is list of the trains leaving for Shenzhen from Changsha Railway Station:

(Updated on February 20th, 2019)

Trains Departure Arrival Duration
Z229 09:54 19:28 9h 34min
T95 22:52 08:52 next day 10h
K9075 00:29 11:00 10h 31min
K9017 23:05 09:45 next day 10h 40min
K535 07:57 18:44 10h 47min
K1347 09:37 20:26 10h 49min

Up-to-date schedules for Changsha to Shenzhen trains.

Changsha Railway Station to Changsha Huanghua International Airport

Changsha Huanghua International Airport is located in Huanghua Town, being about 26 kilometers (16 miles) from Changsha Railway Station, and can be reached directly by bus 114 within one hour.

An alternative route is to walk to the Civil Aviation Mansion from Changsha Railway Station, and then take an airport shuttle bus to the airport. A taxi can also be taken to the airport from the railway station, and it costs approximately 80 RMB between the two places.

Public Transport to Changsha Railway Station

changsha railway station Platforms in Changsha Railway Station

By Taxi

The starting price for a Changsha taxi is 6 RMB for the first 3 kilometers (1.9 miles) and 1.8 RMB for every additional kilometer in the daytime (5:00am to 9:00pm). However, the rate is 8 RMB for the first 3 kilometers (1.9 miles) and 2.16 RMB for every additional kilometer during the nighttime (from 9:00pm to 5:00am). What’s more, 2 RMB is charged each time by the driver as a bunker surcharge, and you are advised to bargain with the driver and ask for an invoice to avoid any issues, or insist on meter use.

By Bus

The bus system is very convenient in Changsha with a ticket fare of 1 RMB for the ordinary buses and 2 RMB for the air-conditioned ones. They run daily from 6:00am to 9:00 pm and the following buses can be taken to Changsha Railway Station from different corners of the city: 101, 104, 107, 108, 110, 111, 112, 113, 114, 117, 118, 121, 126, 127, 135, 136, 139, 148, 158, 168, 202, 312, 317, 401, 602, and 803.

By Metro

Metro line 2 operates daily from 6:00am to 10:30pm in Changsha. It passes by Wangchengpo, Jinxing Road, Xihu Park, Rongwan Town, Juzizhou, Wuyi Square, Furong Square, Yingbin Road, Yuanjialing, Changsha Railway Station, Jintai Square, Wanjiali Square, Renmin East Road, Changsha Avenue, Shawan Park, Duhua Road, Changsha South Railway Station, and Guangda along its way from west to east; therefore, it is very convenient for passengers to switch to another means of transport via metro line 2.

Transport to the Other Railway Stations in Changsha

To Changsha South Railway Station

Located in Lituo Avenue, Yuhua District, Changsha South Railway Station can be reached by taking buses 135 and 148 or metro line 2 from Changsha Railway Station, and it takes about 40 minutes to travel between the two places.

Changsha Railway Station to the Major Changsha Scenic Spots

  • Buses 110, 112, 114 or 127 go to Mawangdui Han Tombs from Changsha Railway Station, and the journey takes about 10 minutes.
  • Bus 1 goes to Yuelu Academy from the station and it takes about 20 minutes.
  • Buses 111, 113 or 116 go to Hunan Provincial Museum from Changsha Railway Station.

Search for Changsha train schedules and book a ticket now!

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