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Chengdu East Railway Station

Chengdu East Railway Station

Written by AppleUpdated Aug. 24, 2023
Chengdu East Station on Map
  • Chengdu East Station
  • Chinese Name: 成都东
  • Address: Qingyijiang Road, Chenghua District, Chengdu
  • Chinese Address: 成都市成华区青衣江路

Construction of the station began in 2008 and it was put into use after May 8th in 2011. Chengdu East Railway Station (成都东站) is one of the biggest and most important transportation hubs in southwest China. The whole station consists of two squares, East Square and West Square, and a station building of 5 levels. Station building, 14 platforms and 26 rail canals take up a land of 108,000m2. Inside the station building, there are, from top down, waiting level on 3F, platform level on 2F, departure level on 1F and two levels underground.

Chengdu East Railway Station operates trains bounding southeast China and inside Sichuan Province, with a few railways heading north. Seeing that the station is far away from downtown Chengdu, we strongly suggest you get to the station at least 2 hours ahead of your departure time.

Ticket Offices

7 ticket offices can be found on 1F, by both sides of the hall. Business hour is 24/7. There are about 70 ticket counters and 10 automatic machines for service. You will need your passport and booking number to collect tickets. Automatic ticketing machines provide self ticketing services for Chinese ID card holders.

You can pick up, change or cancel train tickets at any counter. Tickets of trains that do not depart from Chengdu can also be cancelled or endorsed at this station with a certain amount of cost depending on the day of action.

Train Routes

Chengdu East Railway Station operates trains bounding southeast China and inside Sichuan Province, with a few railways heading north. High speed rails run between Chengdu and several cities in Sichuan Province, including some inter-city trains to Mianyang, Jiangyou and Emeishan. Non-high-speed trains are mostly long distance, bounding to Wuchang in Hubei, Beijing, Changsha in Hunan, Nanning and Guilin in Guangxi, Nanchang in Jiangxi and etc. Chengdu East Railway Station is also the terminus for Shanghai-Chengdu Railway and Guangzhou-Chengdu Railway (K-trains). There's no train to or from Lhasa at this station.

 Chengdu East Railway Station Chengdu East Railway Station

C-trains: Mianyang, Jiangyou, Emeishan and Leshan D-trains: Nanchong, Chongqing, Yingshan, Guang'an, Dazhou, Qingchengshan, Lidui Park, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Nanjing, Nanchang, Hangzhou, Fuzhou and Shanghai.

G-trains: Beijing K-trains: Dazhou, Yibin, Panzhihua, Xi'an, Bazhong, Kunming, Guiyang, Changsha, Lanzhou, Hankou, Zhengzhou, Chongqing, Xining, Guilin, Beijing, Urumqi, Shanghai, Nanchang, Nanning and etc.

T-trains: Xichang, Guiyang, Panzhihua, Wuchang and Beijing

Z-trains: Beijing and Guangzhou Note: Tickets to Lhasa (with origin from Chengdu Railway Station) can be purchased at this station, but you shall make sure you have a Tibet Travel Permit beforehand and booking in advance for 20 days is smarter.


Leaving Chengdu East Railway Station

Every platform has its own exit and passengers shall get out through the exit to the underground arrival level. To catch a metro, you can find the metro entrance on -2F. When you get onto the ground floor, you can take a bus or taxi.


1. To/from Chengdu East Railway Station (成都东站): 2, 4, 38, 40, 91, 101, 146, 147, 817

2. To/from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport (成都双流国际机场): 317

3. To/from Chengdu Chadianzi Bus Station (成都茶店子客运站):


Metro Line 1: Tianfu Square Station (天府广场站) - change to Metro Line 2 - Chengdu East Railway Station (成都东站)

Metro Line 2: straight to Chengdu East Railway Station (成都东站)


Show this to the driver: 请带我到成都东站,谢谢! (Please take me to Chengdu East Railway Station, thank you!) Taxi fee: starting price 8RMB/2km, toll range 1.9MB for 1km.

To Other Railway Stations

To Chengdu Railway Station (成都站)

Chengdu Railway Station lies in the Jinniu District. You can take Metro Line 2 (towards Xipu) from Chengdu East Railway Station, and change to Line 1 at Tianfu Square (天府广场) and then to Chengdu Railway Station. It is a 50-minute journey.

To Chengdu South Railway Station (成都南站)

Chengdu South Railway Station is located in Wuhou District. To get there, you can take Metro Line 2 (towards Xipu), and change to Line 1at Tianfu Square (天府广场) and then to Chengdu South Railway Station. It is a 50-minute journey.

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