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Harbin Railway Station

Harbin Railway Station was opened in 1899 and recently renovated in 2015. It is one of the three main train stations in the city of Harbin. The other two are Harbin West Railway Station and Harbin East Railway Station. Harbin Railway Station is located in the city center. It is about 10 kilometers (6 miles) from Harbin East Railway Station, 12 kilometers (7 miles) from the West Railway Station.

  • Chinese: 哈尔滨站
  • Name on train tickets: 哈尔滨
  • Address: 1 Tielu Street, Nangang District, Harbin 哈尔滨市南岗区铁路街1号
  • Station size: 8 platforms, 14 platforms

Popular Domestic Trains to Other Cities

Harbin Railway Station is an important transportation hub for Beijing–Harbin High-Speed Railway, Harbin–Manzhouli Railway and Harbin–Suifenhe Railway. It mainly serves high-speed and normal-speed trains from Harbin to Beijing, Shenyang, Changchun, Xi'an, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang, Wuhan and Chengdu, etc.

  • Harbin–Beijing: 10 hours by direct express trains Z204 and Z16, or 8 hours by bullet trains D30 and G394.
  • Harbin–Shenyang: 2.5 hours by high-speed trains G752, G394, G714...
  • Harbin–Changchun: 1 hour by high-speed trains G786, G714...
  • Harbin–Xi'an: 34.5 hours by normal-speed train K548/K546.
  • Harbin–Tianjin: 6.5 hours by high-speed trains G1262 and G394, or 15 hours by express trains T184 and K554.
  • Harbin–Yabuli: 1–1.5 hours by high-speed trains D8509, D8575...

Popular International Trains to/from Harbin

Harbin Railway Station is an important stop on the branch of Siberian Railway. International train operate between China and Russia once a week. This pair of international trains terminate at Beijing and Moscow, and stop at major cities including Beijing, Shenyang and Harbin in China, and Ulan-Ude, Irutsk, Novosibirsk and Ekaterinburg in Russia.

  • Harbin–Irkutsk: 43 hours by international sleeper train K19/K20.
  • Harbin–Moscow: 102 hours by international sleeper train K19/K20.
Harbin Railway Station Harbin Railway Station

Station Plan

  • 2F: check-in gates, waiting lounge for domestic trains, waiting lounge for international trains
  • 1F: security check area, platforms, ticket office
  • -1F: ticket office, taxi stands
  • -2F: arrival concourse, subway station (under construction)