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Sanya Railway Station

Sanya Railway Station the southernmost train station in China. Currently there are only three trains at Sanya Railway Station, which connect Sanya with Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. When taking the train, travelers can see tropical forests and enjoy the sea view along the ways.

  • Beijing-Sanya: Train T201/T204. A single trip takes 35 hours. 
  • Sanya-Beijing: Train T202. A single trip takes 35 hours.
  • Guangzhou-Sanya: Train K511 and K407 take fifteen and a half hours, , T201/T204 takes fourteen and a half hours.
  • Sanya-Guangzhou: Train K408 takes 16 hour, T202 takes 14 hours, and train K512 takes 16 hours.
  • Shanghai-Sanya: Train K511 takes 37 hours.
  • Sanya-Shanghai: Train K512 takes 37 hours.
  • Sanya-Haikou: Trains K408,T202,K512 takes 4 hours each
  • Haikou-Sanya: Trains T201/T204,K407,K511 takes 4 hours each.
Sanya Railway Station Sanya Railway Station

Transportation to Sanya Railway Station

Transportation: Travelers take public bus No. 204 or No. 4 to reach the railway station. The ticket costs 1 yuan / person (0.1 USD / person). It costs 10-15 yuan (1.5-2.3 USD) to take a taxi from city center to the railway station. Besides, it costs about 40-50 yuan (6-7 USD) from Sanya railway station to Yalong Bay by taxi.