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Shenzhen-Wenzhou High-Speed Trains

The Shenzhen–Wenzhou train route connects the two cities that were pioneers of China's reform and opening-up. Ten pairs of high-speed trains operate on the route every day from 08:00 to 17:00. The fastest train ride is 7 hours.

Quick Facts

  • Distance: 1,034 kilometers (642 miles)
  • Terminals: Shenzhen North Railway Station, Wenzhou South Railway Station
  • Duration: about 7 hours
  • Main stops: Shenzhen, Chaoshan, Xiamen, Wenzhou

Shenzhen to Wenzhou High-Speed Train Schedules

(Updated on March 9, 2020)

Train Number Departure Arrival Duration
D2294  08:02 15:12 7 h 10 min
D2284 08:48 16:21 7 h 33 min
D2282 09:21 16:48 7 h 27 min
D2286 09:58 17:47 7 h 49 min
  • Please note: The trains listed above are only some of the ones in operation. The timetable is just for your reference.
  • If you want up-to-date schedules, you can use the search tool at the top of this page or search via our China Highlights train ticket service.

Wenzhou to Shenzhen High-Speed Train Schedules

(Updated on March 9, 2020)

Train Number Departure Arrival Duration
D3111 10:42 18:15 7 h 33 min
D2287 11:25 18:25 7 h
D377 12:09 19:25 7 h 16 min
D2293 15:57 23:01 7 h 4 min

Shenzhen to Wenzhou High-Speed Train Ticket Prices

First Class Second Class
¥613 ($87) ¥383 ($55)

Train or Airplane - Which Is Better?                                   

  High-Speed Train Airplane
Ticket Price US$55 for second class
US$87 for first class
US$148–170 for economy class
Duration 7 hours 2 hours
Punctuality Punctual Occasional delays
Seat Space More legroom than on an airplane Cramped

The fastest way to travel is on an airplane. If you are traveling for business, it is better to take a flight.

If you are traveling as a tourist, it is better to take a high-speed train because it is fast, you can enjoy the views from the windows on the way, and the price is reasonable.