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Shuanglang Ancient Village

Shuanglang Ancient Village

Written by Candice SongUpdated Aug. 29, 2023


Shuanglang Ancient Village is located on the eastern shore of Erhai Lake, 36 kilometers to the north of Dali City, about 2 hours' drive from Dali Airport.

It is backed with green mountains and faces Erhai Lake.

For over a thousand years, the local Bai Minority people here made their living fishing in the lake. However, the past 10 years have brought a change to their lives. The small tranquil village is now popular with visitors looking to unwind and enjoy a slower tempo.

Things to Do

  • There are many bars in the town. You can slow your pace and find a lakeside one in which to relax. Wi-Fi is available so surfing on the Internet is not a problem.
  • Lakeside bicycling. The suggested way is to ride from Shuanglang to Wase Town which is about 15 kilometers. There is a slope on the way and, on top of the slope, there is a small hill. From this hill, you will get a great view of Erhai Lake.
  • In the low fishing period, you can rent a small boat. You can enjoy slowly rowing on Erhai Lake, continuing on to Little Putuo Island and Nanzhao Island, where you can have some fun.
  • Walk along Yuji Island and visit the Sun Palace of Yangliping China's famous dancer who created the Peacock Dance. The scenery on the way is fantastic.
  • Visit a local family and get to know the local people's daily lives.
  • Taste all kinds of food there. The delicious foods such as marine fish, mandarin oranges, line rice noodles, hot pots and barbecues can't be missed.
  • Go to Wase Fair as it is another way to experience the local lifestyles. The fair dates are the 5th and 10th of each month. Wase Fair is 10 kilometers away and is the most popular one. During the fair, people from different villages flow into the market. You will see how they buy and sell things, and how they bargain with each other, which is interesting.

Travel Tips


Wi-Fi is available in every hotel in Shuanglang. You can surf the Internet in your room or in the public areas. Some of the restaurants, such as the Old Horse Hot Pot, even have Wi-Fi in their dining hall. 

Take cash only: most of the expenditure in Shuanglang is paid by cash as there are no card payment facilities. However, there is an ATM in Yuji Island for you to withdraw money.

There is a big gap in the temperature between daytime and night-time. A long sleeved light coat is suggested. Also, the sunshine is strong there so please use some SPF 50 sun creams.

Photography in Shuanglang

  • Sunset glow over Erhai Lake: based in Shuanglang, to the south, you can take photos of the glowing sunset or of the people from the fair in Wase.
  • To the north, you can take pictures of Erhai Lake. It is pure, calm and beautiful. You can walk along the lakeside to Shacun Village.
  • Sunrise over Erhai Lake: to the east, the sunrise over Erhai Lake, Taoyuan Pier and Mucun Pier are all excellent spots for taking photographs.

Tips on accommodation

To get a complete experience of Shuanglang, it is suggested that you choose a hotel on Yuji Island, or one of the hotels near the piers, as it will be quite convenient for activities.

Please kind note that there are lots of domestic visitors there, and it could be a bit noisy. If you prefer a quieter environment, it is suggested that you stay in Dali rather than Shuanglang.

The hotels in Shuanglang have limited availability. Usually there are 8-10 rooms in a hotel. The largest one is Yun Qi Pi She Hotel, which has about 20 rooms. Please book your hotel in advance in case there is no room left when you get there.

Recommended hotels:

Rainbow's Nest International Guest House: more like a homestay than a guesthouse or hotel, it has a friendly atmosphere and a quiet courtyard. The apartments are basic but well appointed, comfortable, clean, quiet, spacious and light.

Dali Windoo Resort: a wonderful lakeside hotel with a tasteful design, great hosts and terrific food.

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