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4 Days Guilin Scenic and Countryside Discovery

Soak in a world of timeless beauty and traditional life for 4 days. Walk on small rice terrace paths in photogenic Longsheng. There you will delve beneath the surface, visiting an ethnic family and exploring their centuries-old lifestyle. Escape to Yangshuo’s supremely scenic countryside and try some farm work with a local family. Our 4 days tour of Guilin, Yangshuo, and Longsheng is private and flexible, which means no hurrying and no wasted time. Put your mind at ease with our one-to-one tour service and money back guarantee.

Our 4 days tour of Guilin, Yangshuo, and Longsheng is private and flexible, which means no hurrying and no wasted time. Put your mind at ease with our one-to-one tour service and money back guarantee.


  • Feast your eyes on the best scenery of the Longji Rice Terraces.
  • Visit a minority family and explore their centuries-old lifestyle.
  • Hop on a local tractor in Yangshuo and escape into the timeless landscape.
  • Try some farm work in the fields of Yangshuo’s countryside with a local family.
Trip Advisor 780+ Excellent Reviews
Our guide Jessica was simply the best, calm at all times helpful and informative. We visited the rice terraces at Longsheng which were spectacular and also observed how to cook in bamboo...
Yangshuo was a pleasant area to stay in and after the hustle and bustle of the city’s it was much appreciated change of environment. — David from UK

Day 1 — Guilin Arrival | Free to Explore

our guide will meet you at the airport

Welcome to Guilin!

With buildings surrounded by mountains and rivers, Guilin might strike you as a small laid-back town yet its charm calls out to you to explore it.

Upon arrival in Guilin, you will have a lot of free time to discover the city on your own.

Tips to tailor-make your tour:
As most flights from big cities, such as Beijing, Xi'an, and Shanghai, land during the afternoon, the rest of the day is left free for you to spend at your leisure.

Reed Flute Cave, Li River Stone Drawing, and walking along Binjiang Road are good ways to spend your time if you'd rather go out and explore.

Hotel options:
  • Lijiang Waterfall Hotel (5-star location and facilities, 4-star service)
  • Shangri-La Hotel Guilin (best in Guilin)

Day 2 — Guilin–Longsheng | Rolling Mountains in Longsheng

longji rice terraces in autumn

Meals provided: breakfast and lunch

After breakfast, start exploring Longsheng. Usually, it takes 3 to 4 hours to get there on the mountain road. You will travel on the highway instead, to shorten the journey to 2½ hours.

Arriving at the famous terraced rice fields, you can either walk up or take an electric buggy to get to the top.

The Longji Rice Terraces are known widely for the awe-inspiring view, particularly when they turn golden during autumn.

With autumn undoubtedly being the best time to get perfect photos, the other seasons also boast unique beauty, too. Standing on top of such a huge man-made wonder is itself an extraordinary experience.

When you get back down, you will enjoy lunch with a Yao family who invite you into their home. First, you will learn how to stuff and cook rice inside a bamboo tube. 

Then you will sip the freshly-extracted oil tea that keeps the farmers warm in harsh winters. You will return to Guilin by the evening.

meet locals in longji rice terraces
yao minority lady

Day 3 — Guilin–Yangshuo | Scenic at Every Turn

li river cruise

Meals provided: breakfast and lunch

Listed as one of the world's 15 best rivers for travelers by CNN, the Li River presents itself differently in each season and there are different ways you can appreciate it.

You will enjoy the most classic way: a cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo. To maximize your experience, we will arrange a 4-star cruise for you, which is the highest level. It offers better facilities and a buffet lunch.

The entire journey starts with a smooth transfer from your hotel to the pier. Staggering limestone formations are scattered along the riverbanks and the scenery changes from a cityscape to rural tranquility as you approach Yangshuo.

Your guide will show you around the center of Yangshuo town if you would like to buy some souvenirs after disembarking. And then, your guide will escort you to your hotel in the countryside.

Enjoy the free time in the afternoon. It is nice and easy to have a walk or ride a bike (offered by hotel) to enjoy the peaceful villages and idyllic scenery around your hotel.

Yangshuo's countryside is one of the handfuls of places left that reminds you of nature's quietness and pureness.

Enjoy a relaxing night in Yangshuo.

Tips to tailor-make your tour:
Yangshuo offers a relaxing atmosphere and various activities: a cooking class, a tai chi lesson, a farming experience, and even rock climbing.

Hotel options:
  • Yangshuo Mountain Retreat (boutique hotel with great location by riverside)
  • Yangshuo Ancient Garden Boutique Hotel (5 star, one of the best in Yangshuo)
Li River and karst mountains
cycling in Yangshuo countryside

Day 4 — Yangshuo–Guilin | Until Next Time, Guilin!

plowing with a water buffalo

Meals provided: breakfast and lunch

Unlike most Western countries, agriculture in China depends greatly on manual work rather than machinery and some traditional farming methods have been passed down for generations. To experience the daily life of the local farmers on your last day in Guilin will let you see another side of China.

Drive through the villages where there is almost no other tourist. You might meet someone on his way to the field with a water buffalo or someone working in the paddy. They will be happy if you say hello to them and are interested in their work.

Continue to drive pass the rice paddies after saying goodbye to the villagers. And then take a ferry and a local farmer's taxi to the market in a small town on the other bank of the Li River.

Your guide will show you around to explain the different types of food and show you the local people's daily necessities. In this comprehensive market, you will see the real lifestyles of the people living in this rural area of China.

Nothing could be more meaningful than getting a glimpse of people's lives from a totally different culture while yours is also being shared. With great memories, you will leave Guilin in the afternoon.

take a farmer's taxi
meet local people in a market
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based on 2 persons and 4-star hotel

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  • Activities, hotels, and meals listed in the itinerary
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