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Guilin Weather in October

guilin weather october

Weather: It is warm/cool and dry in October. The average low and high temperatures are respectively 17 °C (63 °F) and 27 °C (81 °F). Mid to late autumn is drier but cloudier than September. There is only about 86 millimeters of rain in the entire month. September and October are both high tourist months.

Clothing: You may need to bring a coat and long pants or jeans in case it becomes cool.

Guilin October Weather Data Graphs

Guilin weather in Oct

Top Things to Do in Guilin in October

Experience the Mid-Autumn Festival in Guilin. Experience the Mid-Autumn Festival in Guilin.

Experience the Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival, the second biggest Chinese holiday sometimes falls in October, although the public holiday is usually in middle or late September. Mooncakes featuring the fruits and nuts of the season are the favorite festival food.

If you arrive around the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, you might enjoy eating mooncakes and drinking beverages next to the Li River. Hopefully the bright harvest moon will brighten up the river with a silvery sheen. Hotels line the river in both Guilin and Yangshuo where you can dine. The restaurants serve up locally caught fish.

Take a Li River Cruise

In October it rains little, and it is an ideal time for a cruise on the Li River. October is one of the best months for a Li River cruise because in November and the winter, the water level is low, so this shortens the distance that the ships can travel among the beautiful scenery.

Bike in YangshuoYangshuo's countryside is a cycling paradise.

On sunny days, tourists can watch the inverted reflection of the hills on both sides clearly in the water. You can stand on the top open-air deck and enjoy the scenery without rain. The sky is often blue in October, and the air quality is fresh. 

There is a clear view, and it is also good time to have a nice walk alongside the Li River or take a Li River cruise or rafting trip. We can arrange a car ride back back to your hotel in Yangshuo or Guilin for you, or take you other places too. Tell us where you want to go.

Bike in Yangshuo

The weather is also good for cycling along the Li River. Yangshuo is a small town near Guilin where the Li River cruise boats dock at the end of the trip. We can arrange an exciting day with a cruise in the morning with a Chinese lunch on the boat, and an afternoon of biking and seeing the sights. Click to see Yangshuo biking

Visiting Guilin in October: Important Travel Tips and Popular Tours

October is in high travel season.

Tour Guilin with China Highlights.Tour Guilin with China Highlights.

October 1 to 7 is the National Day holiday in China. Hotel rates and tour prices are considerably higher than usual. Avoid visiting during this period and for several days before and after, or place your bookings well in advance and expect crowded transportation and tourist attractions.

For 1/3 of years, Mid-Autumn Festival falls in October. During both holidays, hotel rooms, flight tickets and train tickets are more difficult to get, but we can book these for you at a discount compared to what you would pay if you tried to get the tickets yourself.

Recommended Guillin Tours

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