Guiyang Food, Top 5 Local Dishes

Guiyang foodGuiyang food

Food is a highlight of Guiyang. Guiyang’s food is spicy and sour, diverse and complex, delicious and appetizing. With bright colors and beautiful contours, the dishes are sure to fulfill your stomach and eyes.

You may find restaurants selling mouthwatering food in every Guiyang street or alley. Some dishes have the authentic flavor that’s only found in Guiyang.

Now let’s discover some famous dishes and snacks in Guiyang… Will there be some dishes you’d like to try?

The Top 5 Guiyang Dishes and Snacks

There is a saying: Live in Guiyang for a month and you can enjoy different dishes every day and never eat the same dish twice.

Here are some of the most popular Guiyang dishes and snacks for both locals and travelers alike. There are more waiting to be discovered, just come here and find them.

1. Changwang Noodles (肠旺面)

Changwang noodlesChangwang noodles

The dish originated in Guiyang and has a history of over 100 years. The word changwang means pork intestines and coagulated pig blood, and the dish is prepared using these two ingredients with egg noodles and chili oil.

Although it seems horrible to some people, it is a popular local dish.

A bowl of well-prepared changwang noodles must have three outstanding features, which are the color, fragrance, and taste. You can eat tender blood cubes, chewy noodles, and appetizing soup all in one bowl.

Some restaurants may add more ingredients, such as tofu pudding, fried pork pieces, chicken shreds, and peanuts, making the dish more delicious. If you don’t mind the dish’s ingredients, you are recommended to have a taste.

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2. Huaxi Beef Noodles (花溪牛肉粉)

Huaxi is a suburb of Guiyang, and the beef noodles there can be a wonder. The soup is cooked with multiple ingredients, including beef marrow bones and Chinese herbs. When served, the noodles and soup are topped with sour cabbage, parsley, and large beef slices.

A bowl of well-prepared beef noodles should have fresh soup and fragrant beef. It is tasty without any chili or, if you prefer, you can add more chili to the soup.

3. Siwawa (Vegetarian Spring Rolls/丝娃娃)

Guiyang SiwawaGuiyang Siwawa

This snack is so popular that you may find it in every street and alley of Guiyang. Siwawa takes its name from various "shreds" wrapped up as though they are swaddled in thin rice-flour skins.

Place a handful of shreds of vegetables, such as kelp, radishes, bean sprouts, cucumber, Houttuynia, and fried soybeans, with some chili paste in the pancake. Then roll it up, dip it in some spicy or sour sauce, and eat it in one bite.

It’ll strike you as spicy, sour, crispy, tasty, and refreshing.

4. Love Bean Curds (恋爱豆腐果)

Love bean curds are a popular snack in Guiyang. They are small pieces of bean curd roasted on an oiled iron sheet or wire mesh over a chaff fire.

When roasted to a brown color, all oily and swollen, the curds are cut open and stuffed with a sauce of hot pepper, soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, monosodium glutamate, chopped green scallions, mashed garlic, and ginger. Eaten hot, they are spicy, tender, and delicious.

5. Kidney Bean Hot Pot (豆米火锅)

Compared with Sichuan spicy hot pot, as well as other famous Guiyang dishes, the kidney bean hot pot is quite different because it has a mild flavor.

To prepare the hot pot, first fry the kidney beans with tomato, garlic, mint, and tofu, then pour in some water and add some salt. Finally, add vegetables and preserved meat, and boil them together for a while. Then the hot pot is ready to serve.

Generally, no chili is used in the soup, so the hot pot is suitable for people who don’t like strong-flavored food. If you find the hot pot too tasteless, it is possible to ask the chef to prepare some spicy or sweet dipping sauce for you.

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Recommended Restaurants

Guiyang foodGuiyang food

After reading about the food above, are you itching to try some? You can find restaurants nearly everywhere in Guiyang and can fill your stomach with delicious Guiyang food.

Here are some recommended Guiyang restaurants liked by local people. If you can’t decide where and what to eat, remember to ask your guide for advice.

Laokaili Sour Soup Fish

Serving: sour soup fish, roasted meat, stewed pigs’ feet

Address: 55 Shengfu Road

Luo’s Changwang Noodles

Serving: changwang noodles, side dishes including egg, sauced tofu, and pork steak

Address: intersection of Caijia Street and East Zhongshan Road

Miss Red Soup Siwawa

Serving: siwawa, all kinds of Guiyang snacks

Address: 100 Jiefang Road

Siheyuan Restaurant

Serving: authentic Guizhou dishes, such as fire beef

Address: 79 West Qianling Road

Du’s Fried Crab

Serving: spicy fried crabs, chili shrimps

Address: 19 Chengdu Road

Enjoy the Flavor of Guiyang with Us

Guiyang foodGuiyang food

Guiyang is a region of tasty food. Taking a private tour with us, you will have the opportunity to have a day trip in Guiyang and to taste some popular dishes. Check out our Guiyang itineraries. We recommend:

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