Guiyang Nightlife

Guiyang Nightlife

By Kelly PangUpdated Oct. 1, 2021

The night in Guiyang is colorful and lively. It is said that the nightlife in Guiyang begins at 21:00. Cinemas, bowling rooms, bars, clubs, cafés and teahouses are all available in Guiyang. What's more, visitors in Guiyang also can watch the folk performances in Yangming Ancestral Temple (13 Luosishan Road, Yunyan District 云岩区螺丝山路13号). Shanxi Road (陕西路) is the most popular public place of entertainment among the young. It is the bar-street in Guiyang, gathering many pubs and night clubs. Besides, Hequn Road (合群路) is also a nice place to have a close encounter with the nightlife in Guiyang. Hequn Road can be divided into two sections: one is a place for relishing the local snacks in Guiyang, while the other is a place gathering many small bars.

Bars and Clubs

Soho Bar 苏荷酒吧

  • Address: B1 Building, Linbao Mansion, 23 Huguo Road, Nanming District (南明区护国路23号林城大厦B1)
  • Tel: 0851-5816222

Jiuku Bar 久库酒吧

  • Address: Cishan Lane, North Fushui Road (富水北路慈善巷)
  • Tel: 0851-5816698

Live Music 菩吧

It is a music bar with unique decoration, and mirror and glass is widely used. After 21:40, there is brand performing.

  • Address: Hengfeng Pedestrian Street, Zhongshan Road, Yunyan District (云岩区中山西路恒丰步行街)
  • Tel: 0851-8176909

Alun's Story Bar 阿伦故事酒吧

  • Address: 4/F Chiyu Mansion, Pengshuichi, Yunyan District (云岩区喷水池驰宇大厦4楼)
  • Tel: 0851-5805583

Cafés and Teahouses

Hata Hani Café 哈她哈你咖啡

  • Address: D2, Building 1, Hengfeng Pedestrian Street, West Zhongshan Road, Yunyan District (云岩区中山西路恒峰步行街1楼D2)
  • Tel: 0851-8179087

Xiandu Café 鲜度咖啡

  • Address: 7 Humen Lane, Yunyan District (云岩区虎门巷7号)
  • Tel: 0851-8560711

Wheatfield Coffee 麦田咖啡

  • Address: Guishan Yuan, Shengfu Road, Yunyan District (云岩区省府路贵山苑)
  • Tel: 0851-5876588
  • Hours: 11:30–23:30

Hanlin Teahouse 翰林茶院

  • Address: Yangming Ancestral Temple, Dongshan Square, Dongsha Road (东山广场阳明祠)
  • Web site: (in Chinese)
  • Tel: 0851-5600165

Sanyuan Chadao 三元茶稻

People having been there think the affordable price and the beautiful tea sets are quite equal to the cost.

  • Address: 65 West Zhongshan Road, Nanming District (南明区中山西路65号)
  • Tel: 0851-5846888

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