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The Top 4 Things to Do at Night in Guiyang


Nighttime in Guiyang is colorful and lively. It is said that the nightlife there begins at 9pm. Cinemas, bowling alleys, bars, clubs, cafés, and teahouses are all available in Guiyang. What's more, visitors can also enjoy local dishes and snacks at night markets and watch folk performances. If you prefer a quieter place, walking alongside the river to admire the night view is also a good option.

At night you can discover more about the city — read on to uncover Guiyang’s nightlife.

1. Admire the Night View Along Nanming River

After night falls, the whole of Guiyang is lit up by scenic lights, which makes the city shine like a yellow sapphire. The top places for night views are along the Nanming River and at Jiaxiu Pavilion. Every night many travelers and locals go for a stroll along the riverside and photographers take out their cameras to record the beautiful night views.

For other scenic options, visitors can go up the Guiyang Dongshan Television Tower to see the old town, or to Zhucheng Square and Huaguoyuan District to see the modern city.

2. Feast on Mouthwatering Food at Qingyun Road Night Market

Tasty food sold in night marketsTasty food sold in night markets

You may have enjoyed some tasty dishes in Guiyang. If you find you like the flavors, why not ask your guide for recommendations. Qingyun Road’s night market is one of the favorite places for local people to go because the environment is good and it has over 200 stalls selling all kinds of local food, such as roast fish, fried tofu, noodles, and even fried insects.

There are more places to enjoy local cuisine. Near Guiyang Railway Station, Erqi Road has selections of snacks from minority regions. Hongbian Gate near the suburbs is a winding street that has authentic dishes at reasonable prices. The night markets generally open from 7pm to 4am.

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3. Watch the “Colorful Guizhou” Performance

In Guiyang Grand Theater, the Colorful Guizhou show is performed every night. The show is based on the various minority groups in Guizhou and their colorful cultures and customs. You can watch traditional singing, dancing programs, and performances depicting minority peoples’ daily lives.

If Guiyang is your first stop in Guizhou and you are going to visit some ethnic minority villages, this performance can be quite a good preview.

4. Drink Some Tea Near Jiaxiu Pavilion

If you don’t like noisy places and want something traditional, why not visit a teahouse? In downtown Guiyang there are various teahouses around Jiaxiu Pavilion, where you can have a pot of Chinese tea.

The teahouses are themed: one is decorated in a Buddhist style and serves Chinese tea, one is in a Southeast Asian style and offers Indian tea, and some have traditional instrument performances. Most of them are hidden in blocks or alleys, so ask your guide if he/she can take you to find one.

If teahouses are not for you, there are some bars in Guiyang where you can have a drink and enjoy some music. If you prefer, having a cup of coffee, a pot of flower tea, or some juice in a café is also an option.

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Guizhou night viewGuizhou night view

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