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Jiangxi Food

Written by Kelly PangUpdated Mar. 28, 2024

Jiangxi cuisine, also known as Gan cuisine (Gan, 赣in Chinese, is the shortname of Jiangxi), features crisp quality, fragrance and modest taste (not too salty or spicy). Relishing the various local snacks is an important tourist activity for visitors in Jiangxi.

Fried snacks

Whenever visitors come to Jiangxi, they can go for the fried snack bars along streets. Strings of ingredients with dried bean curd, sausages, vegetables, kelp rolls, cutlet, bananas or lotus root slices are well prepared. Visitors can select as will, after the vendor putting them in a hot frying pan for a while and wiping some spice, coming the time for tasting.

Nanchang rice-flour noodles

Nanchang rice-flour noodles have a long history, featuring pure white color, and non-smash quality through cooking or frying for a long time. They are made of high quality rice, going through several procedures, such as soaking, grinding, filtering, and so on. Cooking methods are also simple. You can steam, boil or stir-fry, you can even eat the cold Nanchang rice-flour noodles mixed with sesame oil, soy sauce, chopped green onion, and pepper in particular which the Nanchang people like the best.

Lushan San Shi (Lushan Three Stones)

The popular dishes, "Lushan San Shi" (庐山三石), namely Lushan Stone Chicken (庐山石鸡), Lushan Stone Fish(庐山石鱼) and Lushan Stone Mushroom (庐山石耳), and they are regarded as a rare taste of world. The raw ingredients are precious and expensive stuffs from Mount Lu.

The stone chicken is actually a kind of edible frog living in caves, or among rocks, while its meat is as delicious as chicken, hence its name. The stone fish lives in the waterfalls or springs around Mount Lu and builds its nest in stone crevices. Its meat tastes very delicate. The Stone Mushroom, looked like a person's ear, is a kind of wild fungus growing on unfrequented steep cliffs.

Wuyuan Steamed Tofu (婺源糊豆腐)

Wuyuan dining follows the tradition of Hui Cuisine (one of the eight famous cuisines of China, derived from North China's Anhui Province) (/travelguide/chinese-food/hui-cuisine.htm) featuring braising and stewing. As a representative dish of local cuisine, steamed tofu is very popular among visitors. Following is the cooking method of steamed tofu. Pour the diced tofu which is about the size of bean into the hot pan with soup-stock, adding lard, and some sauces like salt, spices. Braising for several minutes, then plus some shrimps meat, mushroom, sliced bamboo shoots or some thing else up to your own flavor. Then comes the key step, you need stir with one hand, and sift rice flour with another hand. At last, you can add some chopped coriander, green starch and lard, and it is time for putting the tofu in a plate. Plus some sesame oil, pepper, and shopped green onion, it is time for relishing the famous steamed tofu.

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