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Kaili Sunday Market

Kaili Sunday Market is a fabulous place to get a glimpse of the local minorities’ lifestyles.

The Miao and Dong people from the surrounding villages stream into the market to sell their wares. They turn up on bikes, motorcycles, and trucks with a variety of goods to sell. It’s a good opportunity to see the minority people going about their business and to buy souvenirs from them.

Where Is the Sunday Market?

Kaili Old Street (which is called Lao Jie in Chinese) used to be the only street in the city of Kaili, and it has witnessed the development and transformation of Kaili for four centuries.

Kaili Old StreetEthnic minority shopkeeper in Kaili Old Street

The old minority buildings stand on both sides of the ancient street and the shops sell goods for daily use. The road surface of this ancient street is mainly paved with stone bricks.

Although Kaili has many modern streets and buildings now, none of them have the same local lifestyle and friendly atmosphere as Kaili Old Street. Every Sunday, local people gather there to trade goods. The market custom has lasted for decades and is common practice for the locals, but it is a unique experience for tourists to Kaili.

What Is the Sunday Market?

Kaili Sunday Market is a local market that is mainly for the locals. There, people trade vegetables, meat, clothes, daily necessities, and even cattle. Every Sunday, people from Kaili and the nearby villages gather there early in the morning with their goods for sale and buy items for use in their daily lives.

It is a very flexible market so you can see a lot of temporary stalls. The stalls may be just a wooden desk, the back of a truck, a piece of cloth on the ground, or even just an area surrounded by fencing, such as the areas used to sell cattle.

There are also voluntary service stalls at the market. Thanks to the Chinese government’s welfare policy, there are stalls providing consultations on agricultural technology for farmers, medical stalls providing free medical care for people via the local hospitals, and stalls that repair electrical appliances and furniture.

Highlights of Kaili Sunday Market

Ethnic Customs of the Miao and Dong People

Handicrafts seller in Kaili Sunday MarketHandicrafts seller in Kaili Sunday Market

During the market, the locals always wear their ethnic minority costumes, which makes the weekend market different from the usual local market.

You will see many characteristic items relating to the Miao and Dong minorities, such as their colorful ethnic costumes, the exquisite batik and embroidered fabrics, the handmade silver jewelry, the bamboo and wooden craftwork, and the dried herbs.

Skillful Handicraftsmen

Today, despite the popularization of mechanized commodities, the people of Kaili still insist on making handicrafts.

At Kaili Sunday Market, you can see elderly men sitting by the roadside weaving bamboo baskets, elderly women sewing clothes with colored silk thread, and strong blacksmiths making farm tools. In no time, their hands craft simple materials into delicate goods.

In addition to making goods, skilled barbers are one of the highlights of this Sunday market. A chair and a piece of cloth are used in place of a barbershop, and a haircut only costs 10 yuan per person. The scissors dance quickly in each barber’s fingers so that a simple and clean haircut is done within 10 minutes.

Delicious Kaili Snacks

At Kaili Sunday Market, there are not only interesting things to see but also delicious local snacks to taste.

Oil teaOil tea

The local people are very fond of eating a type of fried dumpling that’s made of glutinous rice and meat. It has a crispy coating and a waxy center.

You can also have oil tea in the market. This soup is a mixture of tea and oil, which can be eaten as a dish on its own or used as an ingredient in many other dishes. Miao people like having oil tea when they entertain guests. It is a unique local dish that is worth tasting.

You can also taste the Guizhou-style beef rice noodles. This dish includes crispy rice noodles with a strong soup and sliced beef. After a day's work, local people are always satisfied with a bowl of these beef rice noodles.

Nearby Xijiang Miao Village

Xijiang Miao Village is 35 kilometers away from Kaili and consists of more than 10 original Miao residences.

It is the largest Miao village in China, and has the best-preserved Miao architectural complex, so you can learn about the history and development of the Miao people. The village is also famous for its silversmiths. The silver jewelries of the Miao people are all made by hand, displaying a high level of craftsmanship.

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