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Qiao Street in Liping County


Qiao Street is a pedestrian street featuring unique architecture. Located in Liping County, Qiao Street was named "The Most Famous Street of History and Cultural in China" in 2011.

Qiao Street got its name from its Anhui architectural style. The roofs of the old houses on Qiao Street have a unique design. The middle of the roof is flat, but the two sides rise up like a shoulder pole. The word "Qiao" means "raise" and this is where the street's name came from.

Many businessmen from all over China built assembly halls on the street, which can be traced back to the Ming and Qing Dynasties. While walking along the street, you will see the unique architecture and the minority paddlers selling their goods and snacks. Qiao Street is a must-see place if you are interested in Chinese minorities.

Qiao Street was built during the Ming Dynasty and has a history of over 600 years.


There are flights from Guiyang to Liping County three times a week. It takes 40 minutes to go from Guiyang to Liping and another one hour to the street by private car. China Highlights can arrange a trip for you to Qiao Street.


  • Since Qiao Street is only 1,000 meters long, touring the area does not take much time.
  • No entrance fee is charged to visit the street.
  • Local restaurants are available on the street but the flavor of the food may not be suitable for everyone.