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 The Jiaozi Snow Mountain

The Jiaozi Snow Mountain

Written by Sunny XieUpdated Aug. 1, 2023

Located 155 kilometers from Kunming City, the Jiaozi Snow Mountain an ideal place for winter tourism and winter sports. Its main peak, at an altitude of 4,247 meters, is the highest in the central region of Yunnan Province.

Snow MountainSnow Mountain

The Origin of Its Name

The Jiaozi Snow Mountain is steep, and its several peaks are like sedans when seen from afar, hence its name. It has atypical mountain glacier geomorphologic landscape in the central region of Yunnan Province.

The mountain's relative height difference of more than 3,000 meters and its unique landform together form a unique three-dimensional climate. The temperature there gradually decreases the higher you go from the base of the mountain.

The Scenery

The Jiaozi Snow Mountain is a snow-covered mountain with the lowest latitude in Yunnan. It has unique natural landscapes. The numerous azalea flowers blooming on the mountain every spring, its lakes and alpine meadows make it dazzle with charm.

Located between the Xiaojiang fault belt and Pudu River fault belt, the Jiaozi Mountain possesses a climate that rapidly changes, due to its unique geological structure, historical movements, complex landform and the high altitude combination.

It is famous for its lakes, snow and ice, sea of azalea flowers, sea of clouds, sunrises and Buddha's light.

The Mountain Lakes

The Jiaozi Snow Mountain scenic zone is 3,800 to 4,100 meters high above sea level, covered with many ice-eroded hollows. Some of the hollows which have water in the mall year round have become lakes, or are called "Heavenly Pools", among which the Snow Mountain Heavenly Pool, Mubang Sea and Jingguai Pond are famous.

As these lakes are located in high places, and the mountain climate is unstable, if the lake water is disturbed or people make loud roars over the water, there will be rain or hailstorms, which add some mysterious colors to the mountain. The water of the Heavenly Pools is very clear, with the mountain reflected in it, forming quiet and beautiful scenery.

The World of Flowers

In spring and summer, the azalea flowers bloom everywhere. They grow in the water, forming flower brooks and waterfalls. The flowers and water complement the masculinity of the mountain, adding another provocative beauty.

There are over 32 kinds of azalea flowers on the mountain, spreading over places of different altitudes, and the flowering season is from the middle of March to September.

Among these flowers, the "Wumeng azalea" is a variety unique to the Jiaozi Snow Mountain, and its color will turn into yellow from black and then into white again during its 2-month flowering phrase.

The Snow-ice Fairy Take

The mountain's glacial period is from the end of November to the following March, and the snow will be 0.5 to 2.0 meters deep.

In winter, the mountain becomes a huge silver snake, the water becomes a clear ice river, and all the trees and flowers are covered by the pure white snow.

The snow-covered Jiaozi Mountain, with all the trees and branches becoming crystal clear, becomes a pure white fairy tale world....

The Snow Mountain Ice Cascades

On regions at an altitude of 2,500 to 4,000 meters there are many different-shaped waterfalls with the level differences ranging from tens of meters to hundreds of meters.

In summer, these waterfalls are like silver curtains falling with floating fog. In winter, the waterfalls are frozen from the top down, forming ice cascades like huge white marble sculptures of different shapes.

The waterfalls are the most fascinating scenery of the mountain in autumn and winter. The snow and water exist in the form of ice on the cliff. The floating water and the hanging ice sculptures are placed on the peaks, showing the most unique charms of the mountain.

The ice in the valley ties the water, the ice on the cliff joins the blue sky, and even more splendid are the huge and hard ice cascades, at which you will be shocked.

The best visiting times

From October to the middle of the following April, you can enjoy the snow, ice lakes, ice cascades, rime and other scenery, and you can also enjoy winter activities like skiing.

The accommodation

There are two hotels on the mountain: the Jiaozi Mountain Villa and the Flower-brook Cottage. The villa has the best facilities in the whole scenic area; the cottage is similar to the bamboo tower in Xishuangbanna, but the price is high.

If you are at the foot of the mountain, you can stay in Zhuanlong Town, where there are no hotels, so the accommodation fee is low. It is suggested that you stay at the foot for the night and then climb the mountain the next day.

Travel Suggestions

As the mountain is high and the mornings and nights are cold, you should take enough warm clothes with you. Climbing mountains consumes a lot of physical energy, so you should take high-calorie foods to supplement your physical stamina.

You should be careful and find a guide when you climb the mountain. If encountering climatic changes when you climb it, you should stop and return to the base camp or go back.

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