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Lijiang restaurants offer many delicious Lijiang cuisines. The cuisines available in Lijiang are diverse and prepared naturally to highlight their tasty flavors. You will notice these small-town restaurants are not like the five-star establishments to be found in the big cities. 

The local Naxi minority flavor combines the flavors of Guizhou cuisine and Sichuan cuisine. The bracing tastes and sweet soups mark food in Lijiang

1. Amayi Naxi Restaurant

yunnan food Bean jelly made from Jidou (鸡豆凉粉)

Amayi Naxi restaurant is located inside a quiet courtyard in the ancient town. The restaurant cooks delicious Naxi food, such as roast fish (马帮烤鱼), braised steak fillet (小炒肉), bean jelly made from jidou ('chicken bean', a kind of specialty bean in Lijiang 鸡豆凉粉), hot pot with dried spareribs (腊排骨火锅), buttered tea (酥油茶), roast meat (马帮烤肉), and Naxi fried rice (纳西炒饭).

  • Chinese name: 阿妈意纳西美食 Amayi Naxi Meishi /aa-maa-ee naa-sshee may-shrr/
  • Address: near Stone Bridge, Wuyi Street, Gucheng District (古城区五一街小石桥边)
  • Average price per person: 45 yuan

2. Long Family Rockfish Restaurant

yun nanLong Family Rockfish Restaurant

It is a restaurant offering delicious rockfish. There are two ways to eat the rockfish (石鱼) in this restaurant: hot pot or sashimi. It is a great place to relish the local delicacy.

  • Chinese name: 龙记斑鱼庄 Longji Banyu Zhuang /long-jee ban-yoo jwung/
  • Average price per person: 70 yuan
  • Address: 12-15 middle section of Huama Street, Gucheng District (古城区花马街中段12-15号)
  • Tel: 0888-5123 458

3. Qiuyue Pavilion Restaurant

Qiuyue Pavilion Restaurant, Lijiang, YunnanQiuyue Pavilion Restaurant

Qiuyue Pavilion Restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in Lijiang. Customers there can relish many delicious dishes such as salmon, dried spareribs, roast fish in Naxi style, and wild mushroom.

Besides delicious meals, the restaurant also provides wireless internet services and performance. Also, customers can appreciate the architectural design of Naxi buildings: the buildings have no nails or rivets.

  • Chinese name: 秋月阁餐吧 Qiuyue Ge Canba /chyo-ywair ger tsan-baa/
  • Average price per person: 77 yuan
  • Address: 1 Jishan Lane, Xinyu Street, Gucheng District (古城区新义街积善巷1号)
  • Tel: 0888-51113 930, 8898 220

4. Yuerong Zhuang Western Restaurant

The restaurant is located inside Yuerong Village, facing the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. The food is delicious, and the highlights are amazing. In the restaurant, customers can choose to sit strategically with a magnificent view of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

The restaurant focuses on vegetarian dishes.

  • Chinese name: 悦榕庄西餐厅 Yuerong Zhuang Xi Canting /ywair-rong jwung sshrr tsan-ting/
  • Address: Yuerong Road, Shuhe Ancient Town (束河古镇悦榕路)

5. Private Home Cuisine In Laodao Fang

yun nan hot pot with dried spareribs (腊排骨火锅)

It is a tiny restaurant with only five tables. Hence the environment is very "local" and "homely". However, the restaurant still enjoys a great fame for its special “manager” (Laodao Ma) and its delicious home-style dishes, such as huangmen chicken (黄焖鸡, a kind of stir-fried chicken), hot pot with dried spareribs (腊排骨火锅), stewed chicken with Chinese wild yam (山药炖鸡), braised beef in sauce (红烧牛肉), braised fish in sauce (红烧鱼) and wild mushroom (野山菌).

  • Chinese name: 唠叨坊私房菜 Laodao Fang Sifang Cai /laoww-daoww fung srr-fung tseye/
  • Average price per person: 45 yuan
  • Note: Having a meal in this small restaurant, customers need to do many things themselves, such as cleaning the table, fetching a bottle of beer, etc. If a customer wants to have a table to his/herself, that may be impossible. You'll probably have to share a table with other customers.
  • Address: Shinongling Lane, near Great Stone Bridge, Gucheng District (古城区大石桥布农铃旁巷子内)
  • Tel: 0888-5180 439
  • Opening hours: 09:00–22:00

6. Yi Canting

The windows of the restaurant face the farmland. The restaurant provides some traditional dishes, most of which are a little spicy. These include mixed pot dishes (杂锅菜), huangmen chicken (黄焖鸡, a kind of stir-fried chicken), fish cooked with pickles, roast fish, hot pot with dried spareribs (腊排骨火锅), and bean jelly made from Jidou, a kind of special bean in Lijiang (鸡豆凉粉).

  • Chinese name: 壹餐厅 Yi Canting /yee tsan-ting/
  • Average price per person: 65  yuan
  • Address: Near Great Stone Bridge, Shuhe Ancient Town (束河古镇大石桥)
  • Tel: 0888-5136 681

7. Yongxia Restaurant

It might be a little challenging to find this small restaurant in Zhongyi Wholesale Market. The friendly locals will direct you if you ask for help. However, the restaurant is quite popular, because of the great services and the delicious dishes such as hot and sour fish in Naxi style (纳西酸辣鱼), mixed pot dishes (杂锅菜), braised beef tendon (烩牛筋), slices of pettitoes, and braised beef in sauce.

  • Chinese name: 永霞小吃 Yongxia Xiaochi /yong-sshyah sshyoww-chrr/
  • Address: 108 Zhongyi Wholesale Market, Gucheng District (古城区忠义商贸综合批发市场108号)
  • Opening hours: 11:30–21:00
  • Average price per person: 40 yuan

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Tourists enjoying a plate of dim sum and yum chaTourists enjoying a plate of dim sum and yum cha! Bon appetite!

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