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confucius templeLocal products sold at a local market

There are three main shopping districts at Xinjiekou, Hunan Road, and the Qinhuai River and Confucius Temple area. Xinjiekou is the main fashion and shopping district with big department stores like Wal-Mart’s, Watsons, and Suning. You can find the expense brand-name stores like Cartier there. Hunan Road is another shopping area with a pedestrian street running south from Hunan Road with all kinds of restaurants including fast-food restaurants and international restaurants. The Qinhuai River area near the Confucius Temple has shops for tourists and clothing stores. There is a maze of individual small shops where people bargain for the price. At the Aqua City Shopping Centre across from the Confucius temple you’ll find retailer stores including H&M, Zara, and Mango.

Imitation Ancient Ivory Carvings

Imitation Ancient Ivory Carvings are very popular in Nanjing. They may depict figures, animals and vessels. Look around the Confucius Temple area for pretty ivory carvings.

Traditional Satin

Satin was a traditional Nanjing product. The traditional cloud-pattern brocade is the most famous. It was popular during the Ming and Qing Dynasty. Try looking around the Confucius Temple area and on Hunan Lu for this brocade.


Velvet is a material which is traditionally made and crafted in Nanjing. There are two main types of velvet produced in the region: silk velvet and silk-floss velvet. This velvet is used in tapestry, cushions, rugs, clothing and upholstery. There are numerous shops near Gulou roundabout on Hunan Lu where you can purchase good quality velvet.

Yuhua Pebble

Yuhua Pebbles, mainly found in Yuhua Terraces (Yuhuatai), is a unique tourist souvenir to Nanjing. They are polished agates and are used for jewelry.