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Ningbo shopping

The most bustling blocks for shopping in Ningbo lie along Zhongshan Road (中山路), South Jiefang Road (解放南路), Kaiming Road (开明路) and Dongmen Kou (东门口), whereas numerous refreshment rooms surround the antique Chenghuang Temple (Town gods temple, 城隍庙). It is often more intriguing to visit the ancient buildings along the Drum-Tower Walking Street and the antique Markets around Fan Residence (范氏故居古董市场), where various antiques are sold. Tianyi Plaza is one of Ningbo's most comprehensive shopping malls.

Rainbow Cloth Plaza (彩虹服饰广场) and Chenghuang-temple walking street are highly recommended for clothes-purchasing. Other large markets, like Qingfang Center (轻纺城), Wang Lake (望湖) and Lingqiao Clothing Center (灵桥服饰中心), provide much less expensive goods. As for seafood, the major local products of Ningbo, the markets at the side of Xinjiang Bridge (新江桥) are certainly good places to shop.

Local Products

Many special kinds of tourist arts and crafts can be found in Ningbo, such as Fan Huang Zhu Ke (翻簧竹刻, carved bamboo ware), Zhu Jin Mu Diao (朱金木雕, carved wood ware), Jin Yin Xiu (金银绣, gold and silver embroidery) and Ningbo Cao Xi (宁波草席, Ningbo Grassmat).

Fan Huang Zhu Ke (翻簧竹刻, carved bamboo ware)

Fan Huang Zhu Ke is one of the traditional crafts in Ningbo, and dates back to the Qing Dynasty. The procedure for making bamboo ware is very complex. First, the green bark of the local bamboo is peeled off, and then the bamboo is separated into very thin pieces. Through a series of processes – shaping, colored drawing, carving and painting – a variety of crafts come into being, such as vases, baskets, lamps, brush holders, chess boards and more.

Zhu Jin Mu Diao (朱金木雕, carved wood ware)

Zhu Jin Mu Diao is one of the traditional crafts in Ningbo as well. It uses high-quality timber, like amphora wood, linden wood and ginkgo wood, as its raw materials. After being carved by various methods, the crafts are covered with gold foil and painted. The themes of the carvings mainly involve joyous occasions and folklore, featuring the characteristics of Ningbo's folk culture. The inner decorations of Japan's Neiraku Temple was mainly made with Zhu Jin Mu Diao, under the design of famous Chinese monk Jian Zhen.

Jin Yin Xiu (金银绣, gold and silver embroidery)

Jin Yin Xiu was invented during the Tang Dynasty, and developed into its prosperity in the Ming and Qing dynasties. It was once on a par with Suzhou embroidery, Hunan embroidery, Sichuan embroidery and Guangdong embroidery. Jin Yin Xiu uses true silks and satins as its raw material, and local people used to embroider the satins with gold and silver threads forming intricate patterns. It is very court-like and elegant.

Recommended Shopping Mall

For Clothing

Chenghuang-Temple Shopping Center (城隍庙商城)

The shopping center was built beside the 600-year-old Chenghuang Temple. Along the new Goutai walking street run hundreds of stands dealing in local products but not famous brands, bargaining is needed when customers buying products there. Visiting Chenghuang-temple shopping center, relishing the delicious Tangyuan (汤圆, sweet stuffed dumplings made of glutinous rice flour served in soup) should not be missed because Ningbo City is also famous for its Tangyuan in China. In a word, it is a place to experience Ningbo life rather than to enjoy the happiness of shopping.

  • Address: No.22 Xianxue Street, Haishu District, Ningbo (宁波市海曙区县学街22号)
  • Open Time: 8:30 - 20:30 from Monday to Thursday; 8:30 - 21:00 from Friday to Sunday
  • Bus Routes: No.12, 3 and 525 buses.

Tianyi Plaza (天一广场)

The plaza is between Rixin Road and Kaiming Street and reaches Zhongshan Road in the north and Yaoxing Street in the South. It is a large comprehensive shopping mall including supermarkets, department store area, retail area, clothing area, children's area, digital area, hotel district, entertainment area, dining area and integrated area. What's more, it owns the largest musical fountain in Asia and a huge water screen movie.

  • Address: No.188, East Zhongshan Road, Haishu District (海曙区中山东路188号)
  • Bus Routes: No.15, 515, 12 and 19 buses

International Shopping Center 国际购物中心

It has nice shopping environment, gathering many famous-brand products, including medium and high grade manufactured goods. This shopping center is never crowded.

  • Address: Qizha Street, Haishu District (海曙区碶闸街)
  • Bus Routes: No.206 and 363 buses

Wanda Square 万达广场

It is a large shopping center in Ningbo, always being prosperous. Services of supermarket, karaoke TV, cinema, garage, restaurants and shopping are all available there.

  • Address: No.999, Middle Siming Road, Yinzhou District (鄞州区四明中路999号)
  • Bus Route: No.363

Yintai Department Store 银泰百货

It can be regarded as the leader department store in Ningbo, offering comfortable shopping environment and high-grade products.

  • Address: No.188, East Zhongshan Road, Haishu District (海曙区中山东路188号)
  • Tel: 0574-8709 3888

For Home Appliance and Computers

Suning Appliance 苏宁电器

  • Address: No.18 in Qigan Lane, Tianyi Square, No.188, East Zhongshan Road, Haishu District (海曙区中山东路188号天一广场旗杆巷18号)

Tianyi Digital Products Plaza 天一数码广场

  • Address: No.398, Middle Shounan Road, Haishu District (海曙区首南中路398号)
  • Tel: 0574-8832 1818

For Furniture and House Decoration

HOLA 特力屋

  • Address: the 2nd Floor of Wanda Square, No.999, Middle Siming Road, Yinzhou District (鄞州区四明中路999号万达广场2楼)
  • Tel: 0574-8808 6868

MUJI 无印良品

It is a brand originated from Japan, and the products feature natural, simple and plain and they are very popular among people of good taste.

  • Address: No.76-1, Xianxue Street, Haishu District (宁波市海曙区县学街76-1)


Xinhua Bookstore 新华书店

It is one of the largest bookstores in Ningbo, offering rich kinds of books.

  • Address: Zhongshan Mansion, Kaiming Street, Haishu District (海曙区开明街中山大厦)
  • Bus Route: No.206

Ningbo Book City 宁波书城

  • Address: No.221, North Jiangdong Road, Jiangdong District (江东区江东北路221号)
  • Tel: 0574-8771 8771 / 8724 6719
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