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First Bathing Beach

The First Bating Beach is praised as the best of its kind in Qingdao, with a large area of modern buildings, traditional villas, and beautiful scenes blended together. It has a length of 580 meters and width of about 40 meters, surrounded by mountains on three sides. Gentle slopes, thin and soft sands, clear water and calm waves make the First Bathing Beach famous and attractive.


The smooth sea is very suitable for sea entertainment activities. There are 52 beach huts of two kinds: above ground and below ground.

qingdao haibian

The beach huts above ground are made of wood, which is characteristic of Qingdao’s German influence in colonial times. The area of the underground beach huts is about square 2,000 meters, and each one has a skylight.

There are large rest halls for swimmers with refreshments, showers, toilets, and other public facilities. The first bathing beach can accommodate 200,000 swimmers.

Best Time to Visit

Summer (from July to September) is the best time to enjoy the First Bathing Beach, because the weather is comfortable and not too hot.

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