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Sanjiang Attractions

Sanjiang is a popular tourist destination for taking an in-depth tour of China and is a Dong Minority Autonomous County. Hence, the tourist theme of the county is the cultures of ethnic minorities, including festivals, unique architectures, delicious snacks, and intriguing customs. We have listed below the top three attractions in Sanjiang. Check out our well-designed Sanjiang tours or contact us to design your own tour to explore this unique county and its graceful natural landscapes.

Most Popular Sanjiang Attractions

Sanjiang Mapang Drum Tower

Mapang is a stockade village about 28 kilometers (17 miles) from Sanjiang county town. It is a masterpiece of Dong architecture. The original Mapang drum tower was built during the Qing dynasty (1644-1911)..

Sanjiang Dong Village

Located at the juncture of Guangxi, Hunan and Guizhou provinces, Sanjiang Dong village is in Sanjiang Dong Autonomous Prefecture with mountains and rivers surrounded. Sanjiang means three rivers, named ..

Chengyang Wind Rain Bridge

Chengyang is a cluster of eight villages in a small river valley, in hilly country about five hours northwest of Guilin. It is about 18 kilometers north of Sanjiang on the Linxi River. The township is a farm..