Shanghai Massage Centers and Spas — Relaxing Recommendations

There are many award winning massage centres and spas in Shanghai which provide a broad range of services to foreign travellers. The spas in Shanghai connect western style service quality with the ancient healthcare practices China has always been famous for. The tourist can find anything from the Southeast-Asian-themed Taipan Spa to specialists like Zen Massage to full-service providers like Skin City 5.5, Yu Massage and Chi. Here are our recommendations for a relaxing time.

1. Taipan Spa

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This Southeast-Asia-themed spa centre boasts top-end services and exotic atmosphere. Taipan Spa offers four primary treatment packages and one special package that combines elements of the four in various ways. 

They can provide facial care, body treatments which include oil massages and essential oil baths. Furthermore, Taipan Spa also can provide traditional massages (foot, full body, neck, head and shoulder massages). Ladies might also be interested in the Nail Salon section where various treatments are applied to both hands and nails. Waxing services are also provided.

  • Donghu Road Branch — 39 Donghu Road, Xuhui District

2. Zen Massage

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According to many customers and reviews, Zen Massage is considered to be one of the top massage services in Shanghai. They offer oil massages that relieve muscle tension and improves circulation. Their Zen Signature Massage inspired by ancient Buddhism combine essential aroma oils with eastern pressure relief therapy.

Zen Massage also provides traditional Chinese massage techniques aimed at activating your body and balancing its internal secretions. The Foot Reflexology with Aroma Oil option provided is also interesting because it combines traditional foot reflexology with plant essential oils carefully selected for therapeutic value.

  • Wuyuan Branch — 210 Wuyuan Road, a 3–5-minute walk from Changshu Road subway station (lines 1 and 7)
  • Fuxing Branch — 76 West Fuxing Road
  • Xikang Branch — 458 Xikang Road, by Wuding Road, 5 minutes' walk from Chanping Road station (line 7, exit 2)
  • Wuding Branch — 226 Wuding Road, by Taixing Road

3. Skin city 5.5

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Skin City is one on Shanghai's top rated spas and provides a wide variety of services to its customers. Their signature treatment "Diamond Microdermabrasion" boasts to be available only here. It is a unique facial treatment that deeply exfoliates and lifts skin. They use oxygen mineral mist to calm down the skin and blue algae from New Zealand to detox.

Aside from this treatment they have other facial treatments, facial add-ons, oil therapy, anti-aging and body treatments, body massages, waxing and nail treatments. They also have great offers and discounts for frequent customers.

  • Dagu Lu Branch — 476 Dagu Road, Jiang'an District (near Shimen Yi Road)

4. Yu Massage

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Yu Massage boasts a complete service that will enchant all your senses. There is soothing music playing in the background, the incense of natural flowers delighting your smell, a pleasant landscape and atmosphere, healthy beverages provided and of course the massage itself that can recharge you with energy.

They provide traditional Chinese massage as well as four hands massage where you have two massagists working simultaneously. They also provide the aroma foot massage that is claimed to improve your metabolism. Their hot stone foot massage is also a good option. A volcano stone containing minerals is rolled on the plantar, the lower legs and the knees so that qi and blood become balanced.

  • Wuyuan Road Branch — 336 Wuyuan Road, (near Wukang Road)
  • North Huangpi Road Branch — 199 Huangpi Road, (near Weihai Road)

5. Chi, The Spa

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Chi, The Spa draws inspiration from the legend of Shangri-La. It has won 10 awards for quality and was also included in the prestigious list Forbes' "World's Top Hotel Spas". The services provided are diverse ranging from Aroma Wellness Massage, Detoxifying Lymphatic Massage to ease the lymphatic flow and Healing Stone Massage.

They also offer Chinese Dry Massage claimed to release blockages in the body's energy pathways, Foot Reflexology, Acupressure and energising massage. Body therapies like body scrubs, body wraps and soaks are also provided. Facial treatments for both men and women are also included on the menu

Prior booking is required due to a high flow of clients. Spa robes and slippers will be provided in your treatment suite.

  • Fucheng Branch: 33 Fucheng Road, Pudong

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