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Shanghai Snack Discovery

Written by Candice SongUpdated Aug. 17, 2023
Shanghai Snack


  • Tasting the abundant street snacks there
  • Seeing the diverse cooking ways
  • Experiencing Shanghai's special pajamas culture
Tailor-Make a Tour

Shanghai Snack Discovery

It is a tour for discovering the common food and snacks for Shanghai people in Shanghai's most popular snack street - Wujiang Road.

Painting facial makeup

Avoiding Street Snack?

Some tourists might be reminded to avoid the street snacks. However, the street snacks are often the best features of a city's culinary experience. This tour will allow you to discover what Shanghai people eat during their daily life. You can also see how the street snacks are made through the lively and prosperous scenes.

The ingredients of these street snacks cover diverse food materials, some of which you might think that "how could this be eatable" or "can it be eaten in this way". So it can also be an adventure for seeing the cooking processes and tasting these unbelievable street snacks.

The left picture shows cakes stuffed with sweet mushed red beans.

Discovering Shanghai Snack Street

Our tour will start at 7pm from the People Square, with the main destination of Wujiang Road, lasting about three hours. You can contact us and have our professional travel advisor assist in adding this discovery of Shanghai snack street into your itinerary in Shanghai.

Wujiang Road (the snack street) is quite near Nanjing West Road. Wonton, one of the most popular foods among foreigners, is available there. There are lots of snacks, including roasted fish, braised winkles, roasted mutton, Chinese hamburger, braised scallop with mashed garlic, stir-fried pig's large intestines, boiled duck neck with spices, and pig's tripe soup, ect.

Wonton Wontons

Wonton is one of the most popular foods to foreigners.

Chinese dough figurine Pan fried pork bun

Pan fried pork bun is the snack shall not be missed in Wujiang Road Snack Street.

Pajamas culture: You might come across some people walking in the street in pajamas. Don't be surprised. It is a peculiar culture in Shanghai: the locals in Shanghai are used to walk to the street in nightwear if they only spend several minutes on the street, like having a breakfast, buying a lottery, and doing green grocery shopping. It is so common in the traditional residential areas, and becomes a culture and a symbolism of old Shanghai. In Wujiang Road, you can experience Shanghai's pajamas culture in person.

Chinese knot Fied dumplings

Most of the fried dumplings are stuffed with minced pork.

Chinese dough figurine Spiced duck neck

The spiced deck neck can be slight spicy and extremely spicy.

Chinese knot A sweetmeat

Honeymoon Desert a popular store offering numerous sweetmeats in Wujiang Road.

Chinese dough figurine Experiencing pajamas culture

Foreign tourists are experiencing the special pajamas culture in Wujiang Road.

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