Shanghai Maglev Train — The Fastest Train in the World

Shanghai Maglev Train — The Fastest Train in the World

By Kelly PangUpdated Mar. 18, 2021
Shanghai Maglev TrainShanghai Maglev Train

Shanghai Maglev Train (Shanghai Maglev Demonstration Line) is the first commercial maglev line in the world. The line runs between Longyang Road Station on the Shanghai Subway Line 2, to Pudong International Airport, and the journey takes no more than 8 minutes to complete the distance of 30 km (19 miles). It can reach up to 431 km/hr (268 mph) during the journey. In 2003, it was enrolled by Guinness Records to be the fastest train in the world in commercial use.

Main Features of Shanghai Maglev Trains

Shanghai Maglev trains don't have wheels: They use magnetic levitation technology to move without touching the ground. 

Environmentally friendly: There is no waste gas produced. 

Lower energy consumption than airplanes: The energy consumption is only half that of buses and a quarter that used by airplanes.

Less noise: The trains don't touch the railway line, which makes the sound quieter than other trains. And even when they speed up to 300 kph, the decibel levels are only about 65 to people situated 50 meters away from the train.

Run smoothly: Due to the magnetic levitation technology, there are no wheels touching the railway line. Therefore, the Maglev trains run more smoothly and quieter than trains with wheels.

Facilities on Maglev Trains

Inside the train, it is very modern, clean and comfortable, much like that in an airplane. Trained attendants are present. There is enough sitting space, since there are only 2 or 3 seats in a row. Air-conditioning is available and passengers can adjust the temperature by themselves. There is an LCD screen indicating the current running speed of the train. Many passengers pay close attention and some even take a picture, when the number of “431” appears on the screen.

Timetable and Ticket Price of Shanghai Maglev Trains

From Longyang Road Station First Train 06:45
Last Train 21:40
Interval 06:45 15 min
07:00–08:40 20 min
09:00–18:45 15 min
19:00–21:40 20 min
From Shanghai Pudong International Airport First Train 07:02
Last Train 21:42
Interval 07:02–08:42 20 min
09:02–18:47 15 min
19:02–21:42 20 min
2 Extra Trains 22:15 -
22:40 -
Seat Classes Ordinary Seat Class VIP Seat Class
Single trip ticket (valid on the date) 50 yuan 100 yuan
Round-trip ticket (valid for 7 days) 80 yuan 160 yuan

How to get to Longyang Road Station

By subway: Take Subway Line 2, get off at Longyang Rd. Station, and use exit #3 or exit #4.

By bus: Airport Bus # 3 and #7; Bus # 983 and #976.

Buy Tickets at a Ticket Center 

Passengers can buy tickets on the day they want to take the train.


How to board the train

Passengers should board the train at least 5 minutes before its departure, otherwise please wait for the next one.


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