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Yunnan's Mingyong Glacier — A Great Hiking/Sightseeing Experience

MingyongMingyong Glacier

At around 3,000 meters (9,000 feet) above sea level and 28 and a half degrees above the equator, the Mingyong glacier is both China’s lowest and most southerly glacier. This makes for a wonderfully biodiverse hiking and sightseeing as you hike up a few thousand feet.

Mingyong Glacier is also unusually accessible for a glacier from major population centers since it is in Deqen County about 6 or 7 hours by bus from Shangri-la. Shangri-la has a domestic airport. The relatively quick transport and low elevation makes hiking and sightseeing easier.

Mingyong's Features and Highlights

Meili Snow MountainsThe golden sunrise on Meili Snow Mountains is one of the highlights of a trip to the glacier.

Meili Snow Mountain is considered one of the Most Beautiful Snow Mountains of China. So a visit to the area provides spectacular scenery. The main peak is called Kawagebo that is the highest in Yunnan Province. Mingyong Glacier flows down from Kawagebo.

The sunrises and sunsets are sometimes magnificent when conditions are right.

  • Location: Deqin County (about 182 kilometers from Shangri-La)
  • Altitude of Kawagebo Peak: 6,740 meters (21,221 feet)
  • Lowest elevation of the glacier: about 2,700 meters (8,858 feet)
  • Length and width: Mingyong is the longest and biggest of the glaciers on the Meili Mountains. It is 11.7 kilometers (7.3 miles) long and has an average width of 500 meters (0.3 miles)

Touring Information

  • Ticket price: about 80 RMB for seeing Mingyong Glacier plus about 150 RMB for a general ticket.
  • Open hours: 24 hours a day, and the best time to visit is in the morning and at nightfall.
  • Best months to visit: The glacier melts back in the summer and grows in the winter. December to March are the best months to see it when it is long, but in winter, the roads might be blocked by heavy snowfall.


private tourChina Highlights' private transport services can make visiting Mingyong much more convenient.

Deqen County Town is about 182 kilometers (113 miles) from Shangri-La Town.

You can get to the Meili Snow Mountains by bus or by renting a vehicle from Shangri-La. There are direct flights from Kunming (1 hour), Chengdu (1 and a half hours), and Chongqing (1 hour and 40 minutes).

Our China Highlights private drivers can provide direct and comfortable transport between the airport and the mountain. For more about how to go to Shangri-La, see Shangri-La Transport.

Seeing Mingyong Glacier with China Highlights

Plan your tour of Mingyong Glacier with an experienced China Highlights tour guide today! We can customize your trip to suit your needs.

Visiting Deqin and Mingyong Glacier can be included in these popular Yunnan itineraries.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any assistance in trip planning and arrangement.

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