Meili Snow Mountain

Discover the Best-Kept Secrets of Shangri-La

6-Day Shangri-La, Deqin and Tacheng Adventure Tour

Where is the mystical Shangri-La? The answer is hidden in the wrinkles of the Hengduan Mountains in the northwest of Yunnan Province.

Shangri-La can be found in the chanting of the monks and lamas of Songzanlin Monastery. It can also be seen at the top of the Meili Snow Mountains, which have never been summited. You may find it in the valley of the Three Parallel Rivers or in the forest where the Yunnan golden monkeys live. This 6-day Shangri-La adventure tour will take you off the beaten path and help you find a hidden door to the paradise.

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Meili Snow Mountain
Make a Wish by the Sacred Meili Snow Mountain

Indulge in the incredible view of 13 snowcapped peaks. Let the icy mountain and white pagodas purify your heart.

White Tibetan pagodas sunlight on Meili Snow Mountain
Discover the Tibetan Lifestyle in the Wrinkles of the Mountains

Drive alongside the Lancang River (Mekong River) to discover untouched natural beauty and Tibetan people.

the terraced fields in Tacheng
Tibetan people
Yunnan golden monkey
Encounter the Only Primates Living at an Elevation of 4000 Meters.

Meet an incredible protected animal - the Yunnan golden monkey - in an old-growth forest.

Yunnan golden monkey
Longsheng family visit
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Best experience ever!

Our tour guide Mervyn was extremely knowledgeable. We had to change our plans due to a virus closure and she found other activities that we loved! By the end of the trip we felt like we had made a close friend and would enjoy spending time together again.

Angela T from US, July, 2020

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During Covid crisis, I wanted to use a travel agent even though I am quite good at planning my own trips. It's been great to have everything taken care of and the knowledge that if our trip got cancelled, instead of dealing with 5 different organizations for refund, CH would do that for me made a difference too.

Diba from Bangladesh, July 2020

Wonderful family experience

The children really liked making their own terracotta warriors and biking on the wall. Because of Covid, the usual crowds were gone and we had lots of space and great views.

yeastvan from US, Jun 2020

Tour Map

Discover the Best-Kept Secrets of Shangri-La tour map

Itinerary Quick Look:

DAY 1 Shangri-La

Arrive in Shanri-La.

DAY 2 Shanri-La

Songzanlin Lamasery, Visit a Lama's Dormitory, and Pudacuo National Park Tour.

DAY 3 Shangri-La to Deqin

Shangri-La to Deqin, Dongzhulin Monastery, the Meili Snow Mountains, and Feilai Lamasery.

DAY 4 Deqin to Tacheng

Deqin to Tacheng, Cizhong Church.

DAY 5 Tacheng to Lijiang

Yunnan Golden Monkey National Park

DAY 6 Lijiang Departure

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Songtsam Retreat Shangri-La Songtsam Meili Lodge Songtsam Tacheng Lodge
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