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Shannan Attractions

Shannan Prefecture is the birthplace of Tibetan civilization. It borders Lhasa to the north, Shigatse to the west, Nyingchi to the east and India and Bhutan to the south. 

Samye Monastery is the first monastery for the tonsure monks. The center Buddha hall has elements of Tibetan, Indian and ethnic Han. It is one of the important nation-level preservation units of cultural relics.

Most Popular Shannan Attractions

Yamdrok Lake

Turqoise water of Lake Yamdrok Nestled among the flanks of the dull gray and green mountains, sacred Lake Yamdrok glows with various colors, like turquoise, when the sun is shining. You'll see it if you..

Karola Glacier

Area: 9.4 square kilometers and growing. Elevation: 5560 meters (18,241 feet) About two hours away from Yamdrok Lake is Karola Glacier (Kharola, chángruòlābīngchuán卡若拉冰川 in Chinese). ..