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Heshun Ancient Village: Location, What to see

Heshun is a peaceful and harmonious village situated four kilometers away from Tengchong County. This town is packed with stunning natural and man-made scenery. Visitors love to take pictures of the famous pavilions, lotus ponds, memorial halls and marble balustrades.

Before Going to Heshun Ancient Village

Visitors pass through Tengchong County before they get to Heshun Town. Tengchong is a beautiful place where some great attractions are located. The county is renowned for its luscious landscapes and 97 volcanoes. Tengchong is also home to a lot of volcanic lakes and hot springs. Heshun is among the many preserved villages where ethnic culture is kept safe.

Tengchong History

Tengchong was a stop on the ancient Silk Road. At that time, Tengchong villages were destinations for alcohol, silk, cigarettes and tea from Yunan. Heshun villagers used to go to neighboring countries like India and Burma for business.

Tengchong and Heshun Today

Heshun ancient town

Heshun is well-preserved today. The villagers also maintain their customs and traditions that began even before the Qing and Ming Dynasties. The luscious green spaces, willow trees, smooth-flowing river and charming lotus flowers in the pond attract many photographers, painters and even film directors.

Heshun Villagers

Heshun is a beautiful place to live. In fact, the village was included in China Daily's 2006 Top Ten Charming Towns. However, many inhabitants are working overseas.

There are a total of 6,300 inhabitants in Heshun. Almost 6,000 of them are working overseas, but many return home when they get older. With this, Heshun has become a retirement destination.

Heshun and Tourism

Visitors visit Heshun to take pictures, paint and even film movies. There are many inhabitants leaving the village, but this has never been a threat to tourism. In fact, the villagers have been used to entertaining both domestic and foreign visitors since Shakespeare's time. Indeed, the place has maintained its beauty and charm.

Heshun Attractions

Heshun Library

Heshun is also known for its village-level library. It has a rich collection of books and a very long history. Many scholars have benefited from this facility.

The Residences

Taking a stroll on the streets of Heshun allows everyone to see residences that look like museums. They are very old, but their features are still as impressive as ever. The Li family mansion is located at the back of the library. They were western Yunnan's richest family in the 19th century.

The Lis started out as jade and jewelry traders. The family spread all over the globe to do business. Almost 200 Li family descendants are now living outside the country while one elderly relative remains in Heshun to take care of the ancestral home.

Nearby Attractions

Volcano Park

The 97 volcanoes welcome visitors from all over the world. These attractions present well-preserved craters and cones. Tourists can also find lava terraces. The Tengchong volcanoes were formed almost 10,000 years ago. Unfortunately, only six volcanoes with visible massifs remain today.

Beihai Wetland

The quiet and peaceful Beihai Wetland is located in the northwestern part of Tengchong County. It is approximately 12.5 kilometers from the city proper. This is the only national wetland protection zone in Yunnan Province. Tourists come here to see the bamboo bridges, rice paddies and the river where boats smoothly slide along.

Rehai Hot Sea

The Big Boiling Bowl is one of the main attractions in Tengchong County that is accessible from Heshun village. The temperature reaches up to 97 degrees in some of the springs. The locals even offer eggs cooked in the hot springs. The water contains high levels of minerals that provide a lot of benefits for the skin.

There are also other springs and geysers in the park. Many of them are cooler and great for swimming. This includes the Lion Head, Frog Mouth, Drum-beat Spring and Pearl Spring.

Volcanic Column Park

Volcanic Column Park is made from condensed magma. The magma formed high-rise stone columns. Geologists say these formations are columnar joints.

Yunfeng Mountain

Yunfeng Mountain is a very popular holy place for Taoists. The holy mountain enjoys admiration from the people of Yunnan and Burma. Many people come here for pilgrimages. The most stunning landscapes in Tengchong can also be found on the mountain.

It takes more than a thousand steps to reach the mountain's peak. The steepest part has 43 steps and is only about a meter wide. Climbers need to walk very close to the precipice while holding the chains.

Getting There

There are flights available from Kunming to Baoshan. From there, tourists can take a coach to Tengchong. Visitors should take a taxi to Heshun village. There is also an express bus from Kunming Western Bus Station that goes to Tengchong County. It takes approximately 10 hours for the trip, but this does not include the time it takes for the taxi to get to Heshun village.

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