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Cambra National Forest Park

Cambra National Forest Park is located at an altitude of 2100-4000 meters above sea level. It is north of the Yellow river and in proximity of the Lijiaxia Hydraulic Power Plant. The Cambra National Forest Park is known for its special Danxia landform, time-honored religious culture, diversified flora and fauna.

The Nanzong temple in the park enjoys a history of more than 1000 years and is the birth place of a special branch of Tibetan Buddhism called "post-Philip period". The paintings inside the temple have achieved great artistic level. The temple is surrounded sheer cliffs.

The Cambra Danxia landform is known for its steep peaks, mesas, caves and cliffs. The humid climate has resulted in lush forests over the mountain.  

Evergreen foliage abounds here with some trees stretching their roots into the rock resisting the biting cold of the winter. During June and July, the flora in this area makes an exuberant and voluptuous picture while in September the scene is marked by the fruit laden trees and a display of bright red foliage.