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One-Day Private Great Wall Hiking Trip at Jinshanling

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Jinshanling is regarded as the most beautiful section of the Great Wall and is a good place to take photos in different seasons.

The 3-hour hike on this partly restored section of the Great Wall will offer you an opportunity to enjoy breathtaking views and will transport you back in time to ancient China during the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644).


The Jinshanling section of the Great Wall has been reopened since October 27 2017. This 1-day private trip is available all year round.


  • Hike on the most photogenic section of the Great Wall with no crowds.
  • Walk through ancient watchtowers of various styles and see the untouched beauty of the ruins of the wall.
  • Enjoy a delicious meal at a local restaurant.

Suggested Itinerary

Meet Your Guide and Drive to the Great Wall at Jinshanling

According to your schedule, your private guide will be waiting for you at the airport, train station, or in your hotel lobby. A comfortable vehicle with an experienced driver will be ready for you to explore the Great Wall.

It takes about 2½ hours to travel to the Jinshanling section of the Great Wall from Beijing.

Hike the Jinshanling Section of the Great Wall(3hours, 5km)

First, you will mount the wall via an unrestored watchtower called Houchuankou Pass. From the first tower at Houchuankou onward, you will see the unrepaired ancient watchtowers and broken sections of wall during the hike in the first hour.

Great Wall at Jinshanling The broken sections of wall
Great Wall at Jinshanling The unrepaired ancient watchtowers

This section isn’t in very good condition but nonetheless gives you the sense and feeling of what it would have been like in its original glory.

You will stop to take in the amazing view from one of the highest points you will reach during the day.You can also take a rest when you have passed through several towers that offer shade.

Gradually, you will encounter the restored part of the wall. You will see many watchtowers of various styles that are in good condition.

Jinshanling Section of Great Wall The restored watchtowers at Jinshanling section of Great Wall

Hiking along this thoughtfully-restored section of the Great Wall will transport you back in time to the heyday of imperial China.

Ultimately arriving at Zhuanduokou Pass, you will then descend from the wall and walk down a short path to the area where you will have lunch.

Have Lunch at a Local Restaurant

There is a local restaurant at the base of the entrance to Jinshanling, offering traditional local dishes. You can order the dishes yourself or your guide will help you to order them.

Return to Your Hotel in Beijing

Going back to your hotel in Beijing normally takes about 2½ hours; the same goes for Beijing train stations. Going direct to Beijing Capital International Airport normally takes about 2 hours from Jinshanling.

Your guide and driver will transfer you to your hotel at the end of the tour. If you need to catch a flight or a train after the tour, we are more than happy to help you arrange it.

What Our Service Includes

  • Our 1-to-1 expert China consultancy with unlimited itinerary changes
  • Booking of China internal flights, trains, and cruises, per your preferences
  • Your own China-Highlights-trained, versatile and knowledgeable tour guide
  • Your own chauffeured and comfortable vehicle, chosen for ample space
  • Local restaurant lunches ordered, to suit you
  • Entry to all attractions on your itinerary, with queues avoided wherever possible
  • Our 24-7 helpline for while you are travelling

Suggested Activity to Enrich Your Tour

Would you like to make your tour more unique? Why not enrich your tour by staying at the Great Wall for a night. Feel free to ask your personal travel specialist here to add it for you.

Night views of Great Wall
The Simatai Great Wall Night Experience

After the hike, stay overnight in a resort hotel in beautiful Gubei Water Town, just below the Great Wall at Simatai, and take a relaxing night tour of this Great Wall section.

Gubei Water Town is about 30 minutes’ drive from Jinshanling. It is by a scenic reservoir and looks up to the Simatai section of the Great Wall.

Trip Note

1. Great Wall Hiking Map at Jinshanling

Great Wall Hiking Map at Jinshanling

2. About the Hiking from Simatai West to Jinshanling

Jinshanling and Simatai are two separate sections of the Great Wall run by different companies. At present tourists can’t cross over from the Jinshanling section to the Simatai section.

The junction of Jinshanling and Simatai is referred to as the so-called “Great Wall at Simatai West” and “the east gate of the Jinshanling Great Wall”.

The Great Wall hiking excursion from Simatai West to Jinshanling or from Jinshanling to Simatai West is exactly the same as hiking the Jinshanling section of the Great Wall.

3. Customizing the Tour — According to Your Needs

This tour is very flexible. You can alter the itinerary, and extend or shorten it to suit your schedule.

For example, you can decide the pick-up and drop-off spots or add more activities to enrich your day.