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Chengdu Spotlight Experiences

As the homeland of giant pandas, Chengdu is one of the historic cities in China, with a long history of over 3,000 years.

It enjoys the title of "the land of abundance", not only for its abundant grain products, but also for its rich tourism resources. Lovely pandas, picturesque landscapes, Buddhist culture, and Tibetan villages are sparkling diamonds on the crown of Chengdu.

More surprises are waiting for you to discover.

Trip Advisor Chengdu tour reviews
Jenny brought us to an authentic local market. Here we were able to see vendors selling their fruits, vegetables and meats. This type of market isn't all that common in the US (where we are from). We have seen similar in India (where we currently live), but not to this extent. Fresh meats, live fish, frogs and other edibles were ready for purchase. My husband and daughter even tried a 4 month old egg. While neither of them liked it, neither spit it out!— Jessica D

The Last Farmers' Market in Chengdu

Duration: One Hour+

 Shaxi ancient town
Tea and Horse Road
Buzha of Bai nationality

It is very hard to travel like an insider when you are surrounded by thousands of tourists in crazily crowded tourist areas. Instead, visiting a local market, hidden in the concrete jungle, will be one of the best ways to discover a strong flavor of local life.

The farmers' market is a hub of ordinary lifestyles, local delicacies, and warm community relationships. You can see all kinds of locally-grown fresh vegetables and authentic local food that is sold without the fancy packaging. People spend hours each week picking various fresh ingredients just for family dinners, and they bargain with the farmers for cents off, but in a friendly way.

Dive into the local atmosphere by getting closer to Chengdunese daily life and their beloved food. You can also learn how to properly wrap Chengdu dumplings from one of the shopkeepers, who can easily make 100 perfect dumplings in minutes.

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Be a Half-Day Chengdunese in Local Park

Duration: 2 Hours

 Baisha village
A Shaman of Naxi nationality
Naxi embroidery

Chengdu is probably the laziest city among China's new first-tier cities.

Take a seat and sip a cup of tea. Your guide will explain the etiquette to you of how to drink tea and the intentions you express when you put the lid, bowl, and tray in different places.

Square dancing is already a part of the locals' lifestyle and the dance form nowadays is much more interesting and uniquely Chinese. Feel the good vibes and join in with line dancing, a waltz, or a little Chinese salsa if you want to.

You will also see some vibrant scenes that may only happen in Chengdu: desperate parents are posting messages in a marriage market looking for a partner for their unmarried offspring; a local man is enjoying a traditional teahouse ear massage with a metal rod in his ear; Chengdunese are playing mahjong everywhere in summer — even in the river.

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Learn the Sichuan Cuisine Recipes from Local Chef

Duration: 2.5 Hours

Songzanlin Lamasery
 A lama in Songzanlin Lamasery
 A lama's dormitory

Chengdu was named as the first city of gastronomy in Asia by UNESCO.

It is very hard to travel like an insider when you are surrounded by thousands of tourists in incredibly crowded tourist areas. Instead, a visit to a local chef's home will be one of the best ways to get a taste of local life.

Unearth the secrets of Sichuan cuisine as you cook three typical Sichuan dishes with the chef and invent your own recipe.

Try to play mahjong in the living room as well if you want to.

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Evening Private Date with the Pandas

Duration: 2 Hours

 Baisha village
A Shaman of Naxi nationality
Naxi embroidery

This evening visit in Wolong Panda Research Center is a smart plan that China Highlights originally designed to beat the crowds during the off-peak period. Compared with other panda bases near the city, this is a new one with less tourist.

Led by an experienced panda keeper and your guide, you will enter the staff-only control room in the breeding area.

If you visit the base in late summer, you will be able to observe mother pandas and their babies via live monitors and learn more interesting facts about them.

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Be a Baby Panda Nanny for a Day

Duration: 5 Hours

 Baisha village
A Shaman of Naxi nationality

We’ve got the best job offer for a panda lover like you — to be a panda cub nanny!

Seize this rare chance to interact closely with panda cubs as you bottle-feed them, supply them with bamboo, and clean their enclosure with your own hands.

In the morning feeding and cleaning, you will go inside the panda babies’ bedroom and help clean it. After lunch, enjoy a special documentary movie about a panda's life cycle.

Enjoy the plum job of feeding the playful babies again. Later, you will make cakes for the pandas with your own hands. At the end of the program, you will receive a panda keeper certificate.

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