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1-Day Teahouse, Theater Backstage, Landmark Square, and Panda Afternoon Tea Tour

Many travelers visit Chengdu to see giant pandas but return for the food and its unique laid-back culture. This day trip to see the city highlights will let you experience the charm of Chengdu's unique and long-standing culture.


Discover the relaxing teahouse culture by learning tea etiquette Watch how middle-aged square dancers take over the local park Chengdu marriage market Step into the marriage market and learn about the underlying reasons behind it Go behind the scenes and visit the backstage of an authentic theater Chengdu Tianfu square Enjoy a panda afternoon tea and a bird's-eye view of Tianfu Square
Be Like a Chengdunese in a Local Park (2½ Hours)

Chengdu is probably the laziest city among China's new first-tier cities.

There has always been a teahouse on every corner in the city. The daily ritual of stopping at a teahouse to meet friends and chat began in Chengdu at least 1,000 years ago. Take a seat and sip a cup of tea. Your guide will explain the etiquette to you of how to drink tea and the intentions you express when you put the lid, bowl, and tray in different places.

One of the oldest Chengdu traditional teahouses One of the oldest Chengdu traditional teahouses
Relaxing Chengdu people Relaxing Chengdunese

Square dancing is already a part of the locals' lifestyle and the dance form nowadays is much more interesting and uniquely Chinese. Feel the good vibes and join in with line dancing, a waltz, or a little Chinese salsa if you want to.

You will also see some vibrant scenes that may only happen in Chengdu: desperate parents are posting messages in a marriage market looking for a partner for their unmarried offspring; a local man is enjoying a traditional teahouse ear massage with a metal rod in his ear; Chengdu people are playing mahjong everywhere in summer - even in the river.

Marriage market Marriage market
Ear massage Ear massage
Go Behind the Scenes When You Venture Backstage at the Theater (1 Hour)

Chengdu is the main home of Sichuan opera. A lot of old fans visit the grassroots opera house that we recommend every day. After lunch, follow your guide for the chance to go backstage to see how the actors and actresses do their makeup and have a chat with them.

Visit the backstage Visit the backstage
Enjoy a Panda Afternoon Tea and a Bird's-Eye View of Tianfu Square (1½ Hours)

Chengdu was inhabited over 4,000 years ago and was once the center of the ancient Shu culture. It is a miracle that you can still trace its cultural features today in the city.

Tianfu Square is the geographical center and important landmark of Chengdu. From above, it looks like a huge tai chi pattern depicting yin and yang, and you can see the image of a flying sunbird in the center, which is the emblem of the city.

There is a strong link between the city's historical functions and street names. Your guide will tell you the most featured and interesting city street names and the stories behind them.

Panda afternoon tea Panda afternoon tea
Centre square Centre square

Immerse yourself in interesting stories about Chengdu city while also enjoying an exquisite afternoon tea in a skyscraper with a fabulous view across the heart of the city.

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We were heading to People's Park when she suggested we made a stop at local market to see local produce. The Peoples park was a buzzing place with much activity and we enjoyed tea in the oldest tea house in chengdu while chatting to Daisy about China life and she was very interested in our culture too.
- Liam C