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4-Day Wolong In-Depth Panda Tour

Compared with Dujiangyan, Wolong Panda Center is much further away from Chengdu but is less crowded. Besides, Wolong National Nature Reserve is considered to be the real hometown of wild pandas.

During this tour, you will be able to explore the edge habitat of wild giant pandas and to be a panda keeper in the daytime, and you will have the chance to be the pandas' private guest and observe their acts in the evening without other tourists and noise in the new center.


Wolong panda keeper tour Observe the pandas' acts in the staff-only control room
Wolong panda tour Enjoy private and peaceful moments with the pandas in the evening
Wolong hiking Explore the habitat of wild animal with Tibetan guide
Feed a panda Feed a panda and make panda cakes with your own hands
panda keeper program your Receive a unique certificate proving your love for pandas
Day 1Chengdu Arrival

Our personal guide and driver will be there waiting for you, whether you starts from the airport, railway station or hotel.

Hotel options:
Tibet Hotel Chengdu
Shangri-la Hotel Chengdu

Day 2Wild Wolong

It takes about three hours to drive the 120 km (75 miles) between Chengdu and Wolong.

A Short Break in Earthquake Memorial Site (½ Hour)

For a rest and to break up the long drive, you'll stop at the 2008 Earthquake Memorial Site.

A Safari in the Wild Pandas' Backyard with a Tibetan Guide (2½ Hours)

Have a simple local lunch at about 11:30am and meet your guide for the day. Along with your English guide, to ensure authenticity and safety, a Tibetan hiking guide will join you to help explore more about the habitat protection.

The gorge is an authentic natural edge habitat for wild giant pandas as well as other wild and rare animals, such as white-lipped deer and red pandas. The well-paved hiking trail is 5 kilometers (3 miles) long and the hike takes about 2–3 hours.

Dengsheng gorge Dengsheng gorge
Learn from local Tibetan guide Learn from local Tibetan guide

Visit the Staff-Only Control Room and Have an Evening Date with Pandas (2 Hours)

After dinner in the canteen at Wolong Panda Center, enter the staff-only control room in the breeding area. If you visit the base in late summer, you will be able to observe mother pandas and their babies via monitors, and learn more about them from the panda keepers.

We will arrange an overnight room for you in the hostel that's near the panda center, allowing you to pay a nighttime visit to see the cute pandas without tourists and other noises, under the guidance of a panda keeper and your guide.

Observe pandas' acts in the stuff-only control room Observe pandas' acts in the stuff-only control room
Enjoy evening date with pandas without tourist and noise Enjoy evening date with pandas without tourist and noise
Day 3 Panda Keeper Experience

Arrive at Wolong Panda Center at 8:30am so that your day as a panda keeper can begin. During the program, you will learn more about this endangered species and help to take care of pandas under the guidance of experienced staff.

Morning Cleaning and Feeding (2 Hours)

You will need to clean the panda enclosures then sweep out the leftovers and replace them with fresh bamboo, as well as clean out the feces. Take a break and tour around the panda base. Our guides are veritable panda lovers — they are familiar with the base and know a lot about pandas. Some of them have even hosted live cam feeds about pandas on Facebook and YouTube.

Feed a panda Feed a panda
Panda kindergarten of the base Panda kindergarten of the base

Afternoon Keeper's Activities (3 Hours)

Have a lunch in the canteen with the base stuffs and enjoy a special documentary movie about a panda's life cycle .

Then more cleaning and feeding need to be done. Later you will make cakes for pandas with your own hands. At the end of the program you will receive a panda keeper certificate.

The program ends at around 4 pm, when you will begin the drive back to Chengdu. You'll reach your hotel at around 7 pm.

Clean panda's enclosure Clean panda's enclosure
Get a certificate Get a certificate
Day 4Chengdu Departure

After breakfast, your private guide and driver will take you to the airport for your departure.

Trip Notes

1. Tour Map

Map of Wolong

2. Hotels and Meals in Wolong

Tourism in Wolong is still in the early stages of re-development after the earthquake in 2008. Hotel and restaurant options are still limited, and standards are rather basic. China Highlights has carefully selected the best restaurant and hotel available, based on criteria like location and environment. Your private guide will assist you in ordering the dishes you like and will accompany you to check in to your room.

3. Dress Code

Certain pavements on the base can be very wet and slippery. To avoid slipping, please do not wear short pants or slippery footwear.

From USD829 p/p

based on 2 persons and 4-star hotel

Service Includes
  • 1-1 consultancy from an experienced travel expert
  • Private air-conditioned business car with big windows and ample space
  • English speaking local guide
  • Activities, hotels, and meals listed in the itinerary
  • 24/7 helpline for while you are traveling

Trip Advisor 559+ Excellent Reviews
We then drove to the panda base camp in Wolong. There I was able to observe a baby panda that was just born 8 days ago being coddled by it's mom through a tv monitor. The camp workers were carefully observing all of the pregnant pandas as well as those that just recent gave birth.
- Cathy S,From Las Vegas, Nevada