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Spotlight Experiences for China Family Tours

To open the eyes, to learn, to experience, to be together... We understand what you expect for a great family trip with kids is more than the sightseeing. China might be quite different from other destinations you have been to. In your family tour with China Highlights, you will discover China's history, culture, natural beauty, and development in your own way.

The activities below, split into guideline age groups, might give you some ideas about what you can enjoy with your children during your China trip, besides visiting the must-sees. Let us know your dreams for your family trip, and we will make them come true.


One-Day Panda Volunteer Program

City: Chengdu, Duration: 1 day

Dujiangyan Panda Base, short for 'Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding Dujiangyan Field Research Center for Giant Pandas', is located 60 kilometers or one and a half hours by car from Chengdu City. By taking part in the Panda Volunteer Program, you will get to know more about this endangered species and help take care of them with the guidance of staff.

The program starts at 08:30am and finishes at 16:00, with a 2-hour noon break. In the morning, you will help clean the closure, carrying bamboo and watch the keeper feeding the panda. There is a panda movie available at noon. In the afternoon, you will continue with volunteer work, and learn to make a panda cake for panda. At the end of the program, you will receive a volunteer certificate.

panda keeper Get a certificate of the panda volunteer

Treasure Hunting in Ancient China (Visit the National Museum of China)

City: Beijing, Duration: 2 hours

In the National Museum of China, the doorway to ancient China is held open for you. Go into the exhibition hall for Ancient China and begin a treasure hunt, following tasks given to you by your guide. Find the 10 celebrated objects described on the task list. They will unlock the "code" for those splendid dynasties.

What did the first dragon of China look like?

What did the ancient Chinese use for currency?

Who created the most famous style of Chinese porcelain, called Blue and White Porcelain?

All of your family members can have a competition and then your guide will reveal the answers. Sit down for a while and enjoy some snacks. Your guide will uncover the interesting stories behind every object.

The National Museum of China The National Museum of China

Experience Modern Beijing "Smart" Restaurant and a No-Cash Supermarket

City: Beijing, Duration: 3 hours

Try a hot pot meal, which is loved by Chinese families, in the first "smart restaurant" in China.

Before feasting on the tasty soup, don't forget to try the foodie's video game with other guests in the waiting area.

Learn how the smart manless system works so smoothly from allocating and serving to cleaning and making a dream kitchen. Be amazed by how the automatic machines tailor-make soup according to your preferred flavors. Order your dishes and they will be served by a robot in just 3 minutes.

Your guide will uncover the profound changes that have impacted social life during the previous decades.

After your meal, buy some snacks in the first no-cash supermarket in Beijing. Experience the most popular payment method in China' mobile payment.

Video game in hotpot restaurant Video game in hotpot restaurant

Find your Master Shifu in the Shaolin Temple

City: Luoyang, Duration: 2 hours

Where did your interest in Chinese kung fu come from? Was it from Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, or Kung Fu Panda? If you or your kids are fans of Chinese kung fu, we believe a kung fu show in a theater might not be that much fun for you.

Visit the Shaolin Temple, which is the home of Chinese kung fu. Let your kids find their Master Shifu just as Po did in this old temple that's hidden in the mountains. This is a great and unique kung fu experience.

A monk will show you around the main buildings of the temple, sharing interesting stories with you about the temple and what the Shaolin monks study.

Then open the door and step into a quiet courtyard. Your "Master Shifu" might be standing under the eaves, waiting for you. Learn a set of kung fu moves from a monk right there in the temple, not just from a kung fu school nearby. Feel the spirit of Chinese kung fu and the atmosphere of Zen. Let Chinese kung fu awaken the bravery and strength in your heart.

Shaolin Temple Shaolin Temple

100% Real China Caving! (No colored lights and concrete steps)

City: Guilin, Duration: 3 hours

This cave has never been touched by ordinary tourists. Your professional caving guide will arrange all of your equipment and then detail the safety concerns before you start your caving tour. Then You will explore an amazing limestone cave, using a professional rope system and with the help of your caving guides.

The magnificent stalactites and stalagmites in the cave will tell you the age of this cave and show you the power of the water that has dissolved the rocks for millions of years. The limestone will only be lit up by your torch, not by any colored lights that have been fitted by the government for tourists. Listen to the dripping water " it seems as though the sound is from millions of years ago. You will feel like this is a private journey to an amazing underground world.

explore a limestone cave explore a limestone cave


The Forbidden City Discovery (Specially Designed for Groups with Kids)

City: Beijing, Duration: 2.5-3 hours

The largest and best-preserved ancient imperial architectural complex in the world, the Forbidden City, will impress you with its magnificence and history. Follow your private guide to explore this mysterious palace complex with your family in an interesting way.

Avoid the routine route and, as well as the six main palaces on the axis, explore some sites that interest your kids more, such as the princes' library, the archery pavilion (army weaponry gallery), and the Hall of Clocks and Watches. Play a game in the imperial garden to discover places where famous members of the royal families have been.

Your guide will give you detailed information about the history, culture, and architecture of the Forbidden City, bringing the stories alive for your kids. Learn and enjoy together without ever feeling bored or getting tired.

Discover the Forbidden City Discover the Forbidden City

Be Like a Chinese Child in the Hutongs

City: Beijing, Duration: 2 hours

Walk into a traditional courtyard and visit a hutong family. Discover the traditional lifestyle and let your kids be like Chinese children living in a hutong as they experience how they study and play, and taste the snacks they love.

Learn something about Chinese calligraphy. Try to write some simple characters with a brush. Learn to write the Chinese character for "family" together.

Play with a Chinese yo-yo made of wood or bamboo in the courtyard.

Finally, taste a popular snack loved by hutong children. This is also an amazing traditional Chinese form of folk art called sugar painting. Try to use a spoon to design some candy if you would like to.

Learn Chinese calligraphy Learn Chinese calligraphy

Learn to Make a Mini Terracotta Warrior

City: Xi'an Duration: 1 hour

Visit the cave dwelling family workshop in the countryside, learn how to make Terracotta Warriors from a local artisan. Do you know how life-sized warriors been made in the ancient time? Do you know what is the most difficult step? Find the answers by visiting the place. Not only know detailed steps of making procedure, but also have a nice interact with the local.

Learn to make a terracotta warrior Learn to make a mini terra-cotta warrior

Experience SUP on a Pretty River

City: Yangshuo, Duration: 1.5 hours

If you love relaxing outside and cooling off with a swim, Yangshuo is the perfect place to go. To make swimming even more fun, we can upgrade your experience by introducing an activity that is not known to about 90% of Yangshuo visitors. How can an outdoor hotel swimming pool satisfy a true outdoor enthusiast? It usually can't, so let's head out and have fun on the river!

For this activity, you will go to a quiet section of a tributary of Li River, which is a less touristy area. Here, an experienced coach will teach you how to use a SUP (Stand up paddleboard). You can enjoy gliding up and down the river and can even challenge your balance by changing positions from kneeling to standing.

Spend time enjoying the limestone mountains around you. After expending some energy on the SUP, you can lie down on the board and enjoy the sunshine while watching the clouds pass by above you.

play a sup on the river Have fun with SUP on a beautiful river

The Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center: The Magic City's Future Plan

City: Shanghai, Duration: 1 hour

Shanghai is also called the Magic City in China and the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center contains everything you need to know about it.

The features range from a city model that's over 600m2 to a 360-degree 3D animation exhibition hall, and from the lifestyle in old Shanghai to today's garbage classification display.

You will learn about China's Five-Year Plan, hear the story behind QR codes, and play some games. With your guide's insightful explanations and some interactive games, you will have a better understanding of Shanghai and China.

The Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center The Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center


Han Chinese Clothing and Customs Experience

City: Guilin, Duration: 2 hours

The costume of a nationality is, of course, part of its culture. Han Chinese clothing refers to China's traditional national costume. It has a long history and its style varied in different periods and dynasties.

Within about 2 hours, your guide will teach you the basics about Hanfu, and you will have time to dress up in the costume to experience what it is like to wear one and imagine the ancient culture. It will be a unique experience to have family pictures taken with you all wearing traditional Chinese costumes and to learn some of the etiquette involved with making and serving tea at home.

Han Chinese Clothing and Customs Experience Han Chinese Clothing and Customs Experience

Tell a Story about Your Family Using Chinese Shadow Puppetry

City: Xi'an, Duration: 45 minutes

Before movies were invented in the West, there was a performance on the white screen that was popular in China. It is what movies originated from " Chinese shadow puppetry. This form of entertainment prevailed in Xi'an about 1,000 years ago and has become a famous intangible cultural heritage.

You will have an opportunity to visit a studio to learn about the history of this art and its new lease of life. Be impressed by the production process of shadow puppetry as well as the cooperation between Chinese art and international brands, such as Patek Philippe, Hermes, Fendi, and Burberry.

Try your hand at dyeing a carved puppet. The teacher will show you how to operate the puppets behind the curtain. Tell a Chinese story you know or a story about your family using Chinese shadow puppetry. Enjoy this traditional art and have a great family time.

Chinese Shadow Puppetry Chinese Shadow Puppetry

Learn How to Make Bamboo Stuffed Rice

City: Guilin, Duration: 30 minutes

Bamboo stuffed rice is a famous food in Longji. It is sticky and has a fresh bamboo flavor. Local people will show you every step of how to make it. Try your hand at making this traditional food and cook it in a smart and tasty way in about 40 minutes.

You will get a chance to chat with the family and walk around their 50-year-old wooden house. Visiting a local minority family is a feast for your stomach as well as your eyes.

Bamboo Stuffed Rice Bamboo Stuffed Rice

Learn to Apply Facial Makeup for the Peking Opera

City: Beijing, Duration: 30 minutes

Applying the facial makeup for Chinese traditional opera is a traditional art. It is characterized by exquisite patterns of bright colors and fine, smooth lines applied by painting with brush and by applying by hand to achieve artistic exaggeration.

Get a taste of this art form from an expert teacher as you apply the makeup to a mask. You can choose the make up for your favorite character.

Facial Makeup for the Peking Opera Facial Makeup for the Peking Opera

Shanghai Disneyland

City: Shanghai, Duration: 1 day

Beginning June 16, 2016, discover a never-before-seen world of wonder where you can ignite the magical dream within your heart. This is Shanghai Disneyland, a fun experience filled with creativity, adventure and thrills!

Set your sights on Enchanted Storybook Castle "the largest Disney castle on the planet" and then get ready to explore as you come upon 6 unique and unforgettable lands: Mickey Avenue, Gardens of Imagination, Fantasyland, Adventure Isle, Treasure Cove and Tomorrowland.

Shanghai Disneyland Shanghai Disneyland

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