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One-Day Dragon Well Tea Culture & West Lake Tour

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Dragon Well (Longjing) tea is the most famous green tea in China, and it is also ranked No. 1 among China's top 10 teas. Hangzhou, as the birth place of Dragon Well tea, is full of tea culture. If you are a tea fan, this tea culture tour will thoroughly satisfy your thirst. You will have the chance to enter a tea plantation and pick tea-leaves, visit a tea farmer's house and stir-fry tea, learn the art of tea-making, and taste local tea snacks. This is all combined with a West Lake cruise.


  • Step into one of the best tea plantations in China and pick tea leaves by hand
  • Learn from a local tea specialist the process of stir-frying tea and the art of making tea
  • Visit the China National Tea Museum to glean a general idea of Chinese tea classification and history
  • Enjoy a bird's-eye view over Hangzhou and West Lake, at Chenghuang Pavilion
  • Sample a local tea snacks banquet, while enjoying a traditional stringed and woodwind instrumental performance

Suggested Itinerary


We'll pick you up in the morning from your hotel/ train station, and drive to the place of origin of the best Dragon Well tea – Meijiawu Tea Village. A local tea specialist will welcome you with bamboo baskets, and accompany you to the tea plantation. Your first task will be to choose appropriate tea leaves and pick them in the right way. After tea-picking, the tea specialist will take you home and show you the process of stir-frying tea. This process dehydrates the leaves and helps preserve their beautiful green color. If you like, you can have a go—be careful, though, the huge iron pot is very hot (around 200℃). The tea specialist will show you the art of the tea ceremony, and introduce you to the proper way to taste tea.

Quick Facts

Introduction to our tea specialist

  • Born into a tea family, our tea specialist has been familiar with tea from childhood. With the family tea plantation as inspiration, our specialist is devoted to spreading China's tea culture, and has taken part in many international tea-promotion films.
Pick tea leaves Tea-picking
Fried tea
Stir-frying tea

After saying goodbye to the tea village, we'll drive to the China National Tea Museum. This is China's only museum dedicated to tea. There you will see tea exhibits and precious teaware, and will learn about the general history and classification of tea.

At Chenghuang Pavilion you can have a bird's-eye view over Hangzhou and West Lake. You will have a break and enjoy a Southern Song Dynasty Snacks Banquet here. During the banquet, enjoy a traditional stringed and woodwind instrumental performance and a tea ceremony.

In the afternoon have a relaxing visit to West Lake, one of the major landmarks of Hangzhou. Stroll alongside the lake, and take a cruise to Fairy Island.

After the tour we will escort you to your hotel/ train station.

 instrumental performance Instrumental performance
The West Lake
The West Lake

Trip Notes

Customizing the Tour — According to Your Needs

This tour is very flexible. You can alter the itinerary and extend or shorten it to suit your schedule.

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