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"New China" is an exclusive series of experiences to show you what is happening now in the technology scene in China.

There is more to discover behind the piles of critics and regular tourist spots.

We've captured some of the most interesting scenarios for you. These trips are designed to offer deeper insights into a new China.

New Beijing

Beyond the forest of ancient palaces, Beijing is now transforming from an imperial walled capital to a modern metropolis where people are living a faster and smarter life.

Hotpot, Fun and Robots Duration: 2~3 Hours

Ever wonder how a robot kitchen run the top hotpot chain in China? Discover China's first AI hotpot restaurant in Beijing with us.

Before feast your palate on the tasty soup, learn to know how the smart manless system works smoothly from allocating, serving to cleaning to make a dream kitchen. By the way, they're also good at taking care of hungry waiting diners, you may find some fun and surprises there.

Your guide, who is a local born and bred Beijinger, will uncover the profound changes on social life during the past decades and mind-blowing achievements nowadays.

Join in and discover the new Beijing under its medieval skin.

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New Shanghai

As a muse for a capital of the future for many directors and scriptwriters, Shanghai shows the rising side of China's aesthetic ideas and technological potential.

Cutting-edge Drones and the World's Biggest Starbucks Reserve Roastery Duration: 2 Hours

With century-old lanes on the left and the planet's second highest skyline on the right, the magic of Shanghai is like sci-fi scenes coming to life.

Learn how Shanghai has become a fertile ground for China's independent startup industry, by visiting DJI and having fun with the world's leading drone. Get to know about a China unicorn's road to success and their cutting-edge technology (a unicorn is a startup valued at $1B).

After that, transfer to the world's biggest Starbucks Reserve Roastery, where via phone you can watch an animated version of what is inside the cask before they are whisked through copper pipes to the coffee bars.

Starbuck's first in-store augmented reality experience is jointly developed with Alibaba's AI lab. Your guide will show you more surprises and tell you the stories behind the two company.

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Discovery China's Industry Giants in the Front Line Duration: 2 Hours

Shanghai is a fertile ground for China's independent enterprises. Get deep insights into and firsthand factory experience of industry giants.

BYD Auto Factory Visit (90 minutes): Throughout years of rapid growth, BYD has established over 30 industrial parks across six continents and has played a significant role in industries related to electronics, automobiles, new energy and rail transit.

Shanghai Baosteel Group Corporation Visit (90 minutes): Baosteel group is a Fortune 500 company headquartered in the Baosteel Tower in Pudong. It is the most competitive steelmaker in China.

SAIC Volkswagen Factory Visit (60 minutes): As Volkswagen's first joint venture in China in 1984, Shanghai Volkswagen, now SAIC (Science Applications International Corporation) Volkswagen is now the largest auto manufacturing base in China, charting China's auto industry's development from small to large.

Note that it will be group tour, there are specific conditions of visiting time (weekends and public holidays) and visitor numbers. Inquire for more details.

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New Shenzhen

Transforming from a rural fishing village to China's silicon valley in an incredible speed, Shenzhen is more than an urban Cinderella tale, it is the microcosm of China's thriving.

The 4th Tallest Building and Largest Electronic Market in the World Duration: 2 Hours

Nowhere else has quite as potent a combination of low manufacturing costs, anything-goes attitude entrepreneurs and sheer speed. Visiting the world's largest electronic market will give you a glimpse of the city's potentials.

The market sells everything from the tiniest screws to a complete set of devices, fake of US products and latest cutting-edge creations. You could buy all you need here to build your own smartphone, or thousands of them. Go inside this high-tech dazzle and find out what $50 can buy, get inspired and communicate with some of the best mind in the country if you want.

Discover how this place attracts the most inventors like a magnet and learn to know how it is changing the new china from copycats to innovation.

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New Hangzhou

Besides the west lake and water town, Hangzhou as the home to Alibaba and a city without cash is now its new name card. Living in Hangzhou in many ways is like living in the future.

Alibaba and Its Future Empire Duration: 2 Hours

When Alipay's trend of no-cash sweeping over the world and its founder Jack Ma become a household name, you should see what is really happening to the nest city where Ali dream are made of. One of Alibaba's innovations was that they truly building an ecosystem for a range of industries:

Ali set up series of smarter and faster stores including future hotel, supermarket and book store in Hangzhou. Today you will visit Ali's self-construction mall and shop in its offline retail store Hema, which functions through robots, apps and overhead conveyor belts.

They launched smart "ET Brain" in aviation, healthcare, manufacturing, and traffic and city management. Capture some funny facts and learn how the brain works to reduce the time from accident to hospital by 15% and improve traffic.

This tour may give you the down-to-earth facts that how Ali is changing its home, Hangzhou and China.

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