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10 Chinese Cities with the Most Beautiful Night Scene

As night falls, the lights emerging from cities appear to form a colorful and golden dress. This golden dress seems to cover the darkness of the night, while also exhibiting a flourishing view of each city. The following is composed of the top places we recommend to anyone who wants to experience the fantastic night scenery in China.

1. Hong Kong

Hong KongHong Kong

Hong Kong is famously known as "the Pearl of the Orient", "the most beautiful night view in Asia" and "one of the world's top three night views". While enjoying Hong Kong's regular gentle breeze, one can take a relaxing cruise on a boat from the night cruise pier at Golden Bauhinia Square through the Victoria Harbor. For those who want what are perhaps the best views of Hong Kong, a hike up nearby Victoria Peak is a must. There is no doubt that Hong Kong holds the highest position in our recommended places.

2. Shanghai

the Bundthe Bund

"Night in Shanghai, night in Shanghai, you are a city that never sleeps..." The night in Shanghai seems to be endless, attracting tourists from around the world. When turned on at night, the lights placed in plants and trees seem to create a landscape teeming with life. These lights invoke a sense of compassion in those who witness them.

Recommendations: Take an evening Huangpu River cruise at Shiliupu Pier to see a panoramic night view of the Bund; the cruise may take about 50 minutes. When you finish the river cruise you can also take a walk along the Bund and experience the dazzling nightlife in Nanjing Road. Or go to the Yuyuan Garden to appreciate the ancient buildings and beautiful views of the garden.

3. Guangzhou

Nnight View of the pearl RiverNnight View of the Pearl River

With thousands of flowers around the city, Guangzhou seems to be perpetually in spring. Guangzhou is perhaps most famous for its world renowned Lunar New Year Fair. Surrounded by thousands of flowers around the city, one can experience the history of Guangzhou, from ancient times to the present day. It is a good place to combine activities and peace together. This city is no doubt a good place to enjoy the vocation of playing, eating good food and relaxing.

A night cruise along the Pearl River in Guangzhou is highly recommended to visitors. The river is picturesque, adorned by gentle and charming views along the river. At night, the buildings light up and they make a wonderful spectacle for those viewing from the middle of the river. You can take a night cruise from Tianzi Wharf, and the river cruise may take about two hours. Read more on night cruise along the Pearl River

4. Beijing

Tian'anmen SquareTian'anmen Square

When one thinks of Beijing, one thinks of a city both beautiful and dignified. At night, Tian'anmen Square appears like a shining star, its lights gleaming in the night sky. Although each building is a unique shape and size, the appearance of the square is extremely organized. When viewing the square, the emperor's authoritative nature and sheer majesty of Tian'anmen Square is apparent. In addition, the bars in close proximity to Tian'anmen Square are considered to be excellent by many. Many also follow the traditional Chinese architecture and feature red bricks and tile roofs.

Best spots to enjoy the night views: Tian'anmen Square and Houhai Bar Street.

5. Nanjing

Confucius TempleConfucius Temple

In ancient times, Nanjing was known as Jinling. Six generations of emperors lived in this city. At night in this city, surrounded by water and mountains, one will be mystified by the green mountains, the fresh air, and the lights which reflect off the nearby river. Many appreciate the beauty of this light reflecting off the river. When traveling there, one may feel as if they are walking through a fairyland.

Best spots to enjoy the night views: Confucius Temple, Xuanwu Lake and Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge.

Things to do: Check out historical relics, visit the ancient ruins and buildings, visit gardens, and appreciate the night view.

6. Dalian

It is said that the sea at night can sometimes bring one joy similar to hearing the waves roll in on a beach. Dalian, close to both sea and mountains, is such a place. With beautiful scenery, Dalian faces the massive Pacific Ocean, leaving the air filled with the smell of the sea. During the night, tasting the delicious local seafood, looking out over the sea, and just generally enjoying Dalian will bring peacefulness and quietness!

Best places to see the night scenery: Xinghai Square. At night, colored lights fill Xinghai Square and decorate it like a fairy world. The square gives a wonderful view of all the nightlife in Dalian; it is a nice place for a family to visit.

7. Chengdu

Dujiangyan Irrigation ProjectDujiangyan Irrigation Project

There is a famous poem describing Chengdu which reads, "In winter, the windows are covered with pure snow after waiting for a thousand years, however, millions of ships are parked in front of this beautiful town". Chengdu has majestic mountains, mysterious valleys and a magnificent landscape known as the "land of abundance". The lights reflected in Funan River light up the city at night, and the night bars along the river are also quite famous.

Best places to see the night views: Chunxi Road (the most famous commercial pedestrian street in Chengdu);
Funan River (Chengdu's mother river); 3. River Viewing Pavilion Park 望江楼公园 (a famous cultural relic in Chengdu).

8. Chongqing

The night scenery in Chongqing, is quite unique. The surroundings of the city include large ships, impressive bridges, trees and interesting buildings, all of which are reflected in the two major rivers at night. These surroundings create a certain ambiance unique to the city of Chongqing. For a superior view, you can go to Pipa Mountain Park or the well-known sightseeing spot called "Yi Ke Shu" (一棵树) on the top of the South Mountain to experience a splendid panoramic view of the entire city. Additionally, at these locations, you can also experience a beautiful sunrise in the morning.

9. Wuhan

Wuhan Yangtze River BridgeWuhan Yangtze River Bridge

Wuhan, "the nine provinces' leading thoroughfare", has long been a transportation hub; transportation to the city is unusually convenient. It features the typical natural landscape of the Jianghan Plain. The city is the origin of the Jing-Chu culture which lasted for thousands of years. Both the Yellow Crane Tower, which was built in 223 AD, and the Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge are incredible at night. The bright lights that can be seen from these locations express the charming and extraordinary characteristics of Wuhan.

Recommended attractions: Yellow Crane Tower and Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge.

10. Xi'an

Ancient TowerAncient Tower

Xi'an is one of the world's four most prominent ancient cities, along with Athens, Rome and Cairo. Xi'an was once the starting point of the Silk Road, which in ancient times facilitated trade across Eurasia. At night on the streets of this ancient capital city, one can experience many ancient characteristics of the city. The ancient city walls, the statues located at the North Square of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, and Tang Palace, make one feel the development and life of the ancient city of Xi'an. It feels as if Xian's heart is beating much like humans!

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