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Hainan Island Biking

Hainan Island is off the coast of China southwest of Hong Kong. Its beaches and warm weather make it a favorite place for people who want to take a vacation. Here is one suggested bike routes on the island that include distance information, and you might want to follow all of them on a grand nine or ten days bike tour of Hainan Island. China Highlights can help you customize a biking tour around Hainan Island.

Also read beautiful natural scenery along China's best cycling routes.

Day 1: Haikou (海口)—Lingshan (灵山) —Sanjiang (三江)—Dazhipo (大致坡)—Tanniu (潭牛)—Wenchang (文昌)—Gaolongwan (高隆湾)—Qinglan(清澜)(117 kilometers or 72 miles)

The starting point of this journey is the main city of Haikou in the north, and the destination is Gaolongwan. The part of the trip including Haikou-Qiongsha-Lingshan is along the main road leading to Meilan Airport (State Highway 223). This road is flat with better road conditions, concrete pavement, and special slow lanes. You should pay attention to your riding speed at the starting point and don't ride too fast. The line of Lingshan-Sanjiang-Dazhipo-Tanniu-Wenchang is on Provincial Highway 15. It is a slightly undulating road with double driveways, asphalt pavements and boulevards. Wenchang Road divides into two roads: one is the southwestern road leading to Maihao and the other is the southeastern road leading to the town of Qinglan. You should choose the latter road. The distance between Wenchang and Qinglan Town is about 11 kilometers (6 miles), and the road is in good condition, and it has road lights.

Qinglanzhen or Qinglan Town is located near the beach called Gaolongwan, so it is convenient for you to encamp on the gentle beach at the end of the road. With tall coconut palms standing along the road and the gentle sound of the waves, you can have a good sleep at night. What's more, there are two famous scenic spots near Qinglan Town. These are the Coconut Grove Preserve in the eastern suburbs and the Mangrove Preserve. You can ride for about six hours at the speed of 20~25 km/h (14 mph), and you can get there and enjoy the special scenery.

Wuzhizhou tourism zoneBeautiful scenery of Wuzhizhou tourism zone, Hainan Island

It is advisable for you to have a simple lunch along the roadside so that you can spend more time at Qinglanzhen and enjoy the beach. At night, you'll be fortunate to enjoy a seafood feast by the sea. If you don't want to camp on the beach, maybe the local private hotels are good choices for you. They are very cheap and cost only 20 RMB (3.08 USD) or 30 RMB (4.62 USD) per night. We'd like to recommend that you try to camp on the gentle beach, and then you can enjoy the smell of the sea and the sunrise sight of Coconut Grove Preserve in the eastern suburbs. You're sure to take splendid photos.

Mangrove Preserve: There is a large endless Mangrove Preserve near the ferry dock of Qinglan Town. With the ferryboats traveling along the mangroves, the birds dancing and flying freely and the fish rafts skirting orderly, you can see a natural and harmonious spectacle.

Coconut Grove Preserve: Coconut Grove Preserve is located in the eastern part of Wenchang City, and it is next to Qinglan Harbor. This is the heaven of coconut palms in which you can see various kinds of swaying coconut palms – tall and short, straight or inclined. In this preserve, there are more than 500,000 coconut palms including red coconut palms, green coconut palms, improved short coconut palms, tall coconut palms and water coconut palms. Coconut water is called heaven water because it is nutritious, fresh and sweet.

Day 2: Qinglan (清澜)—Maihao(迈号)—Huiwen (会文)—Changpo (长坡)—Qionghai (琼海)—Boao(博鳌) (85 km)

There is no need for you to return to Wenchang City by the way you came because by riding back along the same way about 5 km and turning left at that crossroad, you can get to Maihao Town. You'll be fortunate to observe the tropical scenery of river valleys from time to time along the road. During your riding from Huiwen to Changpo, you can see endless sea and seaside coconut groves. The distance between Qionghai and Boao is about 22 km. It has a good asphalt pavement, and some road sections will give you a feeling of being on a race track.

Thousand Spring River: Thousand Spring River is the third longest river of Hainan Island. It originates in the Finger Mountains and has an overall length of 162 km. On both sides of the river upstream, there are endless waving ridges and narrow valleys. The river upstream has a strong current. On both sides of placid river downstream, there are coconut groves and banana plantations. About 81 kilometers of the river is located in Qionghai City, and there is a sand bar island in the middle of the river that has the famous Kwun Tong Hot Spring and the Baishi Ridge Scenic Area with a beautiful landscape. The most beautiful part of Thousand Spring River is its mouth on the sea for it combines rivers, green islands, seaports and embankments, and this place is considered to be one of the best preserved natural scenery destinations on Hainan.

Board and lodging: Choose Changlong Hotel of Qionghai City for lunch and enjoy special Hainan flavors by eating Muscovy Duck, Wenchang Chicken, Soup of Peppery Spices and Pig's Stomach. It is highly recommendable for you to choose a seafood booth near Boao where you can encamp. Try to form a good relationship with the manager of the booth so that you can camp near the booth on the beach. At night, you can watch the rising moon and count the stars and enjoy the unique fun of this ride.

Day 3: Boao (博鳌)—Longgun(龙滚)—Wanning(万宁)—Xinglong Hot Spring (兴隆温泉)(93 km)

Starting from Boao, you can choose to return to Qionghai by riding about 20 kilometers along the way you come and then changing over to State Highway 223 and riding straight to Longgun.

However, there are also two shortcuts. First, cross the Boao Bridge and the Wanquan River (Ten Thousand Spring River, 万泉河), and you'll arrive at Jiu Qujiang Town. Then change to State Highway 223 and ride straight to Longgun. Second, you can take a ferry and then go across Wanquan River. You will arrive at a town, and then take State Highway 223 and ride straight to Longgun. The first road is a new road with good road conditions. On the second road, you can have a chance to see Thousand Spring River thoroughly and touch the gentle Thousand Spring River water.

After passing the town, ride straight to Shangen Town and find the dock that is located near Boao Exhibition Center. The sailing time is 9:30 or 10:00 if the boat is full. But if there are too many tourists, maybe the boat won't be able to sail at the normal time and you will have to adjust your schedule or route or find another way across. Ride from Longgun and pass through Shangen, Lelai, Wanning, and Niulou. You will arrive at Xinglong. It is recommendable for you to ride on State Highway 223 instead of Provincial Highway 15 to go to Xinglong Hot Spring because State Highway 223 is mainly on an alluvial plain with better road conditions, and you can enjoy the rural scenery.

Xinglong Hot Spring: Xinglong Hot Spring is located in Xinglong Overseas Chinese Farm that is the eastern suburb of Wanning. It is the hometown of some overseas Chinese, and its landscape is breathtaking. There are more than ten springs of spring water there, and the water temperature stays at a steady 60 degrees all the year round. What's more, the water is rich in minerals and has a faint light scent. It is also very famous for its remedial effect on skin diseases, arthritis and nervous breakdown. There is also another famous thing here: it is the coffee with a fragrant aroma. The coffee originates from seeds that were introduced by Chinese who returned from abroad.

Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden: Covering 600 acres in area, this botanical garden is famous for its 1,200 kinds of tropical economic crops (including coffee, pepper, vanilla, and cocoa) and tropical fruits (including durian and mangosteen). What's more, there are also many rare wild plant resources that you have never heard of before. We are sure that you can see many wonderful flowers and trees.

Day 4: Xinglong (兴隆)—Lingshui (陵水)—Yingzhou (英州)—Yalong Bay (亚龙湾) (120 km or 74 miles)

Asian Dragon Bay11Yalong Bay

Leaving Xinglong Hot Spring, you should arrive at Xinglong Town and then ride straight along State Highway 223. From Xinglong to Lingshui, you should climb over Niuling Mountain. Remember to pay bike safely during your downhill journey along the twisting mountain road. It is advisable to slow down before the curves and try not to slam on the brakes. The road conditions from Lingshui, Yingzhou, and Tengqiao to Linwang are all good, and you can ride freely on this flat, broad road. After passing Linwang, you should also climb over a pass that is 130 meters in altitude. This road is embosomed in hills without any trace of sea, but actually there is only one hilltop between this mountain and Yalong Bay. After passing this mountain, ride 5 kilometers and you will see an intersection. Choose the left road and ride about 15 kilometers; you will arrive at Yalong Bay.

Board and lodging: The coffee of Xinglong is the best coffee in Hainan. It is highly recommended that you drink coffee in coffee shops along the old town roadside at breakfast time. The coffee is ground from fresh coffee beans, and locals only drink black coffee even though there is also sugar in the shops. The coffee is very strong and fragrant, but if you are unaccustomed to this, just add milk. Lingshui is a watermelon center, and every year at harvest time, there are many watermelon booths along the roadside near the city. If you are tired of riding, it will be a good choice for you to buy a watermelon and eat it along the road. At night, you can encamp on the beach and enjoy the seafood at the eastern side of the beach.


1. The journey is not long, and you can set out after noon and enjoy diving at Yalong Bay.

2. If there is enough time, there is Nanwan Monkey Island that is connected by a cross-strait cable. It is the only island natural protection zone for monkeys in the world. If you would not like to go to Yalong Bay that night, you can choose to stay in the hotel or encamp on the island. And in the next day, you can pass through Linwang to go to Yalong Bay. It might be a good choice for you to go to Wuzhizhou Island in Linwang if time permits.

Day 5: Yalong Bay (亚龙湾)—Sanya (三亚 )—Tianya (天涯) (60 km)


In the morning, you can enjoy playing in the water freely in Yalong Bay. In the afternoon, you should return to State Highway 223 by the way you came. The section of road to Sanya is a downhill concrete pavement that is flat and broad. So it won't take you much time to arrive at Sanya. Sanya is the most important tourist city in Hainan with its various facilities and good rest places.

It may be a good choice for you to ride straight to Yanglan Town and Tianya rather than go to Sanya City. From Tianya, you will enter West Line of State Highway 225. The highway and railway are parallel there, and its coastline scenery is very beautiful without the noise, congestion, and construction further east. The road from Sanya to Yanglan Town is a concrete pavement that is flat and broad, and it is lit by street lamps. But once it passes through Yanglan Town, it changes into an ordinary double road and asphalt pavement. You can also ride to The End Of The Earth And The Corner Of The Ocean (天涯海角) before arriving at Tianya.

Board and lodging: The lodging conditions at Tianya Town are so-so. Actually, the lodging conditions of towns along the West Line are not very good, and there's no hot water.

Day 6: Tianya (天涯)—Yacheng (崖城)—Huangliu(黄流)—Banqiao (板桥) (107 km)

This is an easy day route. Even though the road of State Highway 225 is just a common asphalt pavement, it is flat and broad. You can ride quickly. The farmers produce a lot of vegetables such as cucumbers and eggplants there. You might see ox carts full of vegetables along the road.

Board and lodging: Banqiao is a very small town with a few hotels and restaurants.

Day 7: Banqiao (板桥)—Dongfang (东方)—Taipo (太坡)—Changjiang (昌江) (89 km or 55 miles)

From Banqiao to Dongfang, you will also ride along the coastline. The routes along the coastline are generally flat and are easier than biking in the hills. After Dongfang City, the highway will turn to the east, and it will be away from the seacoast and go into hilly areas. Riding from Dongfang to Changjiang may be the most tiring part of the journey for you because you'll go over a lot of hills. However, the scenery along this section is good with beautiful river valleys, and the vegetation of the slopes is varied and graceful. But it is advisable for you to ride with others to help you because this road section is desolate.

Board and lodging: you can eat along the road for lunch and stay in Changjiang Hotel. It is also a choice for you to stay in the hotels that are across the street from the bus station.

Day 8: Yaxing (雅星)—Danzhou (儋州)(79km)

Shílù (石碌) is a county town of Changjiang. It is 6 km away from the State Highway. This town, even though it is small, is very tidy, and it is different than the previous towns. The road from Changjiang to Danzhou is also over a lot of hills, but it is better than the road from Dongfang to Changjiang. Danzhou is one of the few cities in West Line. Even though the city is not that small, there is only one section of busy street.

Board and lodging: You can live in the Postal Hotel of Danzhou (儋州).

Day 9: Danzhou (儋州)—Fushan (福山)—Haikou (130 km) (海口)

Haikou old streetHaikou Old Street

The topography after Danzhou is mainly flat, and there is space to ride along the road. Riding along the boulevards of the Danzhou (儋州)—Heshe (和舍)—Duowen (多文)—Fushan (福山) section of the route is very pleasant. After Fukuyama, you come to houses along the road more frequently, and you'll be in Haikou's suburbs when you are on the road section from Bailian to Haikou. There is no field scenery there.


  • Helmets, gloves, and comfortable clothes are essential.
  • Poncho or raincoat, beach shoes, swimming trunks and sunglasses are useful.
  • A bicycle pump, simple repair tools, sunscreen, a bicycle lamp or a head lamp are handy.
  • For camping, you might need a tent, a sleeping bag, a moisture-proof mat, and an inflatable pillow.
  • You might need some first-aid equipment and common medications such as those for heatstroke.
  • Bike lock and bicycle carrier. You can just ride with a pack, but a bicycle carrier is useful for carrying a tent.


  • The environment is very damp along the seaside. It is especially damp at dawn and at night. If you stop for about one or two hours, your bicycles and stuff might get moist. If it is really damp, if you hang your clothes outside, they might get wetter.
  • Don't ride at night because it is dangerous without street lights on the highways.
  • Start early and ride more in the morning. You might want to rest at noon and in the early afternoon.
  • Usually, the state highways do not lead to the center of towns. They pass around the outskirts. So you should pay attention to road signs and not ride in the wrong direction.
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