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Most Popular Chinese Duck Dishes with Menu

Most Popular Chinese Duck Dishes with Menu

Written by Candice SongUpdated Nov. 14, 2023
Fangzhaungpic9 Roasted duck

In China, duck is always considered to be a sumptuous dish on a dining table at a meal. The nutritious value of duck is similar to that of chicken. In the same way as chicken, nearly every part of a duck can be prepared as food, including the feet. It is eaten in various cuisines around China.

Medicinal Functions of Duck

According to traditional Chinese medicine, duck is a cold natured food. It is an excellent tonic food that nourishes the stomach and is also used for toning kidneys, treating edemas, relieving coughs, and reducing phlegm.

Therefore, it is a popular food at mealtimes in China.

Popular Duck Dishes

Duck can be cooked by roasting, frying, stewing, boiling, and smoking. It is the main ingredient of many delicious dishes. It can be made into numerous dishes including roasted duck, crispy duck, duck bone soup, fried duck pieces, fried duck with coriander, and braised duck feet.

The most popular dish is Peking duck, which originated from Beijing. A whole duck is sliced into pieces before eating. The slices are commonly eaten with green onion, fresh cucumber, and sweet soybean paste wrapped in a pancake made from flour and water. Learn more about Peking duck.

Duck Dishes Menu

English Chinese Pronunciation Characters
Beijing roast duck Běijīng kǎoyā bay-jing kaoww-yaa 北京烤鸭
Quanzhou ginger (female) duck Quánzhōu jiāng mǔyā chwen-joh jyang moo-yaa 泉州姜母鸭
Nanjing brine-boiled duck Nánjīng yánshuǐ yā nan-jing yen-shway yaa 南京盐水鸭
Hangzhou old duck soup Hángzhōu lǎo yā bāo hung-joh laoww yaa baoww 杭州老鸭煲
shredded roast duck with jellyfish fèi hǎizhē bàn huǒ yā sī fay heye-jer ban hwor yaa srr 费海蜇拌火鸭丝
duck tongues with assorted vegetables tiáo cài bàn yā lì tyaoww tseye ban yaa lee 条菜拌鸭脷
duck wings with coriander xiāngsuī yā yì sshyang-sway yaa ee 香荽鸭翼
fried duck tongues with tangerine peel chénpí yā lì chnn-pee yaa lee 陈皮鸭脷
Guilin "vinegar and duck blood" duck Guìlín cù xuè yā gway-lin tsoo sshwair yaa 桂林醋血鸭
Quanzhou ginger (female) duck Quánzhōu jiāng mǔyā chwen-joh jyang moo-yaa 泉州姜母鸭
nine foot pressed salted duck jiǔ chǐ bǎnyā jyoh chrr ban-yaa 九尺板鸭
Gaoyou fried crispy duck Gāoyóu xiāng sūmá yā gaoww-yoh sshyang soo-ma yaa 高邮香酥麻鸭
Hangzhou old duck soup Hángzhōu lǎo yā bāo hung-joh laoww yaa baoww 杭州老鸭煲
Hainan Barbary duck Hǎinán jiājī yā heye-nan jyaa-jee yaa 海南加积鸭

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