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Main Course Dishes Menu

Written by Candice SongUpdated Jan. 8, 2021
ShuizhuniurouBoiled beef

Below is a mouth-watering array of main course (meat) dishes from all over China. They are arranged in the following order:

  • Red meat: beef, lamb, pork, donkey and horse;
  • White meat: chicken, duck, goose, pigeon, fish and seafood;
  • Vegetarian options: rice, noodles, tofu, and vegetable dishes.

A selection of the top dishes from each type has been included. For the full menus click on the titles.

Beef Dishes

English Chinese Pronunciation Characters
Skillet Beef Tieban Niurou Tyeah-ban nyoh-roh 铁板牛肉
Cumin Beef Ziran Niurou Dzrr-ran nyoh-roh 孜然牛肉
Black Pepper Beef Heijiao Niurou Hay-jyaoww nyoh-roh 黑椒牛肉
Stir-Fried Beef and Green Peppers Qingjiao Chao Niuroh Ching-jyaoww chaoww nyoh-roh 青椒炒牛肉
Stir-Fried Beef and Potatoes Tudou Chao Niurou Too-doh chaoww nyoh-roh 土豆炒牛肉

Lamb Dishes

English Chinese Pronunciation Characters
Xinjiang Roast Whole Lamb Xinjiang Kao Quan Yang Sshyin-jyang 新疆烤全羊
Northeast Mutton Slice Hot Pot Dongbei Shuan Yangrou Dong-bay shwann yang-roh 东北涮羊肉
Inner Mongolia Roast Mutton Menggu Kaorou Mnng-goo kaoww-roh 蒙古烤肉

Pork Dishes

English Chinese Pronunciation Characters
Roast Pork Cha shao


Red-Fried Pork Hong shao rou Hong-shaoww-roh 红烧肉
Sweet and Sour Fillet of Pork Tangcu Liji Tung-tsoo lee-jee 糖醋里脊
Steamed Pork Kou Rou Koh-roh 扣肉

Donkey and Horse Dishes

English Chinese Pronunciation Characters
Five Spice Sauce Donkey Wu Xiang Jiang Lürou Woo sshyang jyang lyoo-roh 五香酱驴肉
Pingxiang Donkey Pingxiang Lürou Ping-sshyang lyoo-roh 萍乡驴肉
Ili Horse Meat Yili Marou ee-lee maa-roh 伊犁马肉

Chicken Dishes

English Chinese Pronunciation Characters
Kung Pao Chicken (Spicy Diced Chicken with Cashews/Peanuts) Gong Bao Ji Ding Gong baoww jee ding 宫保鸡丁
Xinjiang Large Tray Chicken Xinjiang Dapanji Sshin-jyang daa-pan-jee 新疆大盘鸡
Hangzhou Beggars' Chicken Hangzhou Jiaohua Ji Hung-joh jyaoww-hwaa jee 杭州叫花鸡
Chicken in Sweet and Sour Sauce Tangcu Ji Kuai Tung-tsoo jee kweye 糖醋鸡块
Soft–Fried Chicken with Lemon Sauce Xi Ning Jian Ruan Ji Sshee ning jyen rwan jee 西柠煎软鸡

Duck Dishes

English Chinese Pronunciation Characters
Beijing Roast Duck Beijing Kaoya Bay-jing kaoww-yaa 北京烤鸭
Quanzhou Ginger (Female)  Duck Quanzhou Jiang Muya Chwen-joh jyang moo-yaa 泉州姜母鸭
Nanjing Brine-Boiled Duck Nanjing Yanshui Ya Nan-jing yen-shway yaa 南京盐水鸭
Hangzhou Old Duck Soup Hangzhou Lao Ya Bao Hung-joh laoww yaa baoww 杭州老鸭煲

Goose Dishes

English Chinese Pronunciation Characters
Roast Goose Kao E Kaoww Er 烧鹅
Steamed Goose Feet Qingzheng E Zhang Ching-jnng er jung 清蒸鹅掌

Pigeon Dishes

English Chinese Pronunciation Characters
Pigeons Marinated in Soya Paste Sauce Jiang Zhi Gezi Jyang jrr ger-dzuh 酱汁鸽子
Five Spice Pigeon Wuxiang Gezi Woo sshyang ger-dzuh 五香鸽子
Deep-Fried Pigeon You Lin Gezi Yoh lin ger-dzuh 油淋鸽子
Deep Fried Pigeon in Spicy Sauce Lu Zha Luan Ge Loo jaa lwan ger 卤炸乳鸽

Fish Dishes

English Chinese Pronunciation Characters
Yangshuo Beer Fish Yangshuo Pijiu Yu Yung-shwor pee-jyoh yoo 阳朔啤酒鱼
West Lake Vinegar Fish Xihu Cu Yu Sshee-hoo tsoo yoo 西湖醋鱼
Sichuan Poached Fish Fillets in Hot Chili Oil Sichuan Shuizhuyu Srr-chwann shway-joo-yoo 四川水煮鱼
Broth-Steamed Bass Qingzheng Luyu Ching-jnngloo-yoo 清蒸鲈鱼

Seafood Dishes

English Chinese Pronunciation Characters
Steamed Turtle Qingzheng Jiayu Ching-zhnng jyaa-yoo 清蒸甲鱼
Oil Braised King Prawns You Men Da Xia Yoh mnn daa sshyaa 油焖大虾
Macao Portuguese Fresh Garden Oysters Aomen Pu Yuan Sheng Hao Aoww-mnn poo ywen shnng haoww 澳门葡园生蚝
Dry-Fried Shredded Squid with Peppers Gan Bian Youyu Si Gan byen yoh-yoo srr 干煸鱿鱼丝

Other Meat Dishes

Rice Dishes

English Chinese Pronunciation Characters
Egg Fried Rice jīdàn chǎo fàn jee-dan chaoww-fan 鸡蛋炒饭
Eight Delicacies Rice bābǎo fàn baa-baoww fan 八宝饭
Fried Rice with Pickled Vegetables pào cài chǎo fàn paoww tseye chaoww-fan 泡菜炒饭
Rice in Shredded Vegetable Soup, Shanghai Style Shànghǎi pào fàn shaung-heye paoww fan 上海泡饭
Fried Rice with Vegetables shūcài chǎo fàn shoo-tseye chaoww fan 蔬菜炒饭

Noodle Dishes

English Chinese Pronunciation Characters
Noodles with Beef in Brown Sauce Hongshao Niurou Mian Hong-shaoww nyoh-roh myen 红烧牛肉面
Beef Stretched Noodles Niurou Lamian Nyoh-roh laa-myen 牛肉拉面
Sliced Noodles Daoxiao Mian Daoww-sshyaoww myen 刀削面
Soybean Paste Zhajiang Mian Jaa-jyang myen 炸酱面
Rice Noodles in Red Oil Guilin Hongyou Mifen Gway-lin hong-yoh mee-fnn 桂林红油米粉

Tofu Dishes

English Chinese Pronunciation Characters
Bean Curd with Mince and Chili Oil Mapo Doufu maa-por doh-foo 麻婆豆腐
Tofu Soup Doufu Tang doh-foo tung 豆腐汤
Tofu and Chopped Scallion Soup Xiaocong Ban Doufu sshyaoww-tsong ban doh-foo 小葱拌豆腐
Tofu Jelly Doufu Nao doh-foo naoww 豆腐脑
Tofu and Shrimp Balls Doufu Xian Xia Wan doh-foo sshyen sshyaa wan 豆腐鲜虾丸

Vegetable Dishes

English Chinese Pronunciation Characters
Fried Spicy Vegetarian Beef Xiang La Su Niurou Sshyang laa soo nyoh-roh 香辣素牛肉
Vegetarian Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs Su Chao Tangcu Paigu Soo chaoww tung-tsoo peye-goo 素炒糖醋排骨
Vegetarian Ham Su Huotui Soo hwor-tway 素火腿
Vegetarian Ants Climb Tree (vermicelli with spicy silk noodles) Su Mayi Shang Shu Soo maa-ee shung shoo 素蚂蚁上树
Vegetarian Drumstick with Western Gravy Xi Zhi Su Ji Tui Sshee jrr soo jee tway 西汁素鸡腿
Crispy Roast Duck Cui Pi Kaoya Tsway pee kaoww-yaa 脆皮烧鸭
Luojiang Fried Bean Duck Luojiang Dou Ya Lwor-jyang doh yaa 罗江豆鸭
Fried Vegetarian Crab Meat Chao Su Xiefen Chaoww soo sshyeah-fnn 炒素蟹粉
Seven Color Shitake Mushrooms Qicai Xianggu Chee tseye sshyang-goo 七彩香菇
Fried Pickle Cabbage and Bean Sprouts Xuecai Chao Douya Sshwair-tseye chaoww doh-yaa 雪菜炒豆芽
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