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Chinese Soup - Lists, Varieties and Menu

Chinese Soup - Lists, Varieties and Menu

Written by Candice SongUpdated Nov. 20, 2023
Duck SoupDuck soup

The history of soup in China might be as old as the history of cooking. Chinese soup has always been an important part of Chinese food culture. It is considered to be one of the most nutritious and digestible food types.

Since in China, soups are eaten as one of the main dishes in a meal, particular attention is attached to the soup's stock. Meat, bones, eggs, seafood, vegetables, fruits, cereals and edible fungi are used as stock. Below are some names of soups taken from across China.

There is a wide variety of Chinese soup. However, it can be generally be divided into two main categories: thin soups — made with clear broth and cooked quickly, and thick soups — cooked more slowly with all the stocks added together at once, often with starches added as a thickener near the end of the cooking process.

It's an ancient tradition to treat a cold or fever with soup. In addition to its ability to comfort, it is believed that certain soups have healing powers. Many soups are consumed for their flavor, as well as for their restorative or invigorating effects. This is heavily linked with traditional Chinese medicine.

Chinese Soup Menu

English Chinese Pronunciation Characters
Boiled Mutton Soup qīngdùn yángròu tāng Ching-dwnn yang-roh tung 清炖羊肉汤
Winter Melon Spare Rib Soup dōngguā páigǔ tāng Gong-gwaa peye-goo tung 冬瓜排骨汤
Lotus Seed and Pork Tripe Soup liánzǐ zhūdù tāng Lyen-dzrr joo-doo tung 莲子猪肚汤
Black Chicken Soup wūjī tāng Woo-jee tung 乌鸡汤
Stewed Chicken Soup dùn jītāng Dwnn jee tung 炖鸡汤
Lotus Seed Old Duck Soup liánzǐ lǎo yā tāng Lyen-dzrr laoww yaa tung 莲子老鸭汤
Pigeon Soup  rǔ gē tāng Roo ger tung 乳鸽汤
Carp Soup jìyú tāng Jee-yoo tung 鲫鱼汤
Fish Head Soup yútóu tāng Yoo-toh tung 鱼头汤
Fish Head and Tofu Soup yú tóu dòufu tāng Yoo-toh doh-foo tung 鱼头豆腐汤
Clam and Mustard Leaf Soup gélí jiècài tāng Ger-lee jyeah-tseye tung 蛤蜊芥菜汤
Seaweed and Egg Soup zǐcài dànhuā tāng Dzrr-tseye dan-hwaa-tung 紫菜蛋花汤

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