Beijing – Moscow International Train — Timetable, Ticket Price, and Visa

Beijing – Moscow International Train — Timetable, Ticket Price, and Visa

By Kelly PangUpdated Mar. 18, 2021

There are two pairs of normal speed trains operating between Beijing and Moscow: K3/4 and K19/20 (in Russia, they are 003/004 and 019/020). If you plan to travel on these trains, please note that the journey takes 5 or 6 days.

However, the scenery on the way is very impressive. You can appreciate different scenery from three countries, such as grassland, the Gobi Desert, Lake Baikal, and views of the Russian countryside. Every day, you will see different scenery through the windows. This route is quite popular among travelers who love to enjoy scenery from a train.

The Two Routes

Beijing to Moscow

K19/20 take longer than K3/4 because it goes northeast to Harbin before going west to Moscow, whereas K3/4 takes a more direct route via Ulan Bator.

Train Route Departs Arrives Journey Distance
K3 Beijing to Moscow Wednesday
122 h 36 min
(5 nights)

7,622 km
(4,736 mi)

K4 Moscow to Beijing Tuesday
131 h 55 min
(6 nights)
K19 Beijing to Moscow Saturday
138 h 58 min
(6 nights)
8,986 km
(5,584 mi)
K20 Moscow to Beijing Saturday
160 h 1 min
(7 nights)
Train Departure Station Arrival Station Adult Ticket Price Departure Time Arrival Time
Hard Berth Hard Sleeper Upper/Middle/Lower Soft Sleeper Upper/Middle/Lower Deluxe Sleeper Upper/Middle/Lower
K3 Beijing Moscow / 557USD / 864USD 11:22 Every Wed. 13:58 Mon.(Week 2)
K3 Beijing Irkutsk / 334USD / 490USD 11:22 Every Wed. 10:49 Fri.(Week 2)
K19 Beijing Moscow / 615USD / 927USD 23:00 Every Sat. 17:58 Fri.(Week 2)
K19 Beijing Chita / 308USD / 448USD 23:00 Every Sat. 7:14 Wed.(Week 2)
K19 Harbin Chita / 232USD / 328USD    
K19 Beijing Irkutsk / 378USD / 557USD 23:00 Every Sat. 13:25 Sat.(Week 2)
K19 Harbin Irkutsk / 300USD / 435USD 15:30 Sun. 13:30 Sun.(Week 2)
K3 Jining Nan Moscow / 519USD / 806USD Every Wed.  
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