Wuhan Vegetarian Restaurants

Wuhan Vegetarian Restaurants

By Kelly PangUpdated Mar. 18, 2021

Hanyang District

Sanbao Vegetarian Restaurant

It is near to the Guiyuan Temple and you can experience the culture of Buddhism when going to this restaurant. With vegetarianism increasing nowadays, Sanbao Vegetarian Restaurant mainly designs vegetarian dishes to match this trend. It uses fresh vegetables, mushrooms and soybeans as ingredients to create various kinds of ecology friendly healthy dishes which taste unique and fresh. You can get free advertising material. The environment is quite elegant and quiet, giving you a unique lingering charm. The service is also warm and considerate. The vegetarian “goose” which is made of bean curd sheets is classic and popular.

Chinese name: 三宝素食餐厅 Sanbao Sushi Canting

Recommended dishes: vegetarian “goose” (素鹅, dried tofu skin and mushrooms with a goose appearance), hand peeled bamboo (手剥笋), steamed “meat” (粉蒸肉, steamed bean curd and rice flour with a meat taste)

Jushanzhai Vegetarian Restaurant

It’s beside the Guiyuan Temple and is a famous vegetarian restaurant in Wuhan. The food here does not include any eggs, wine or pungent vegetables. There are mainly wheat gluten, soybeans, vegetables and mushroom dishes. All of the food here is handmade, vegetarian and in a made to order style. The service is considerate, the environment is elegant and the price is economical which appeals to a lot of returning customers. The restaurant’s main feature is that all of the dishes are made with strictly vegetarian ingredients and are extremely delicious.

Chinese name: 聚善斋素食馆 Jushanzhai Sushi Guan

Recommended dishes: smoked vegetarian “fish” (熏鱼, bean product with a fish taste), vegetarian noodles (素面), spicy roast vegetarian “beef” (五香牛柳,), tofu steamed stuffed bun (豆腐包), vegetarian “fish” (素鱼,water gluten with the appearance and taste of fish)

Wuchang District

Shan Yuan Ju Natural Vegetarian Restaurant

It belongs to Wuhan Shan Yuan Ju Natural Vegetarian Restaurant Limited Enterprise which is the largest vegetarian enterprise in Wuhan. The unique characteristic of this brand is that it’s completely natural and healthy food. It abandons the added flavors of wine, eggs and monosodium glutamate which are harmful to your health. Because of the healthy and natural ingredients, a great many customers can enjoy the classic vegetarian dishes here.

Chinese name: 膳缘居天然素食馆 Shan Yuan Ju Tianran Sushi Guan

Recommended dishes: “Buddha jumping over the wall” (佛跳墙, sea vegetables and gluten cooked in an earthen jar), stir-fried celery and lily bulbs (西芹百合), hongyun tofu (鸿运豆腐), Mao’s red braised “pork” (毛氏红烧肉, gluten and bean products with a meat taste)

Jianghan District

Junzi Heyue Vegetarian Tea House

It is decorated with a unique style and each room has a certain theme and characteristic. The environment is good with a warm atmosphere. Here, you can eat various kinds of delicious organic vegetarian dishes. The dishes are cooked delicately and you can try the great tasting and looking meals. It’s a perfect place for a home party, dating and a gathering of friends. Besides, the traffic is quite convenient.

Chinese name: 君和子悦素食茶馆 Junzi Heyue Sushi Chaguan

Recommended dishes: burnt grain with burdock (日禾照烧牛蒡), boiled pear with rice vinegar (黑米醋鸭梨), healthy mushroom soup (健康蘑菇汤), fried organic vegetables with barbecue sauce (沙茶酱炒时蔬)

Green Field Xianzong Vegetarian Culture Restaurant

It is the only restaurant that just serves vegetarian dishes in Wuhan. It has been greatly welcomed and has gained a good reputation by customers since its opening. The environment is elegant and the service is enthusiastic and considerate. A lot of dishes here are named after meat dishes but all are cooked with vegetarian ingredients. The food tastes great!

Chinese name: 绿野仙踪素食文化主题餐厅 Lǜ Ye Xianzong Sushi Wenhua Zhuti Canting

Recommended dishes: stewed whole “fish” with tomato sauce (茄汁全鱼, eggs, gluten and bean products with the appearance and taste of fish), grilled “abalone” with bamboo (鲍鱼扒竹笙, flour products with a seafood taste), vegetarian “fish” with a crispy skin (脆皮素鱼, eggs, gluten and bean products with the appearance and taste of fish), fried king “prawns” with a spicy sauce (辣汁煎大虾, dried bean curd with a prawn taste), braised “meatballs” in brown sauce (红烧狮子头 tofu a with meat taste)

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