Yantai shopping

Yantai shopping

By Candice SongUpdated Oct. 1, 2021

After a tour in this city, you can purchase some local handicrafts or go to some shopping center to buy clothes, daily necessities and so on. As a modern city, there is not so much different of Yantai from other major cities in China, except for metropolis like Beijing, Shanghai, and Beijing in terms of shopping varieties. The local specialties are jade carving, and straw weaving. Foreigners especially like these little staff, and they are the ideal gifts for friend and relatives, or you can buy them as souvenirs.

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Local Specialties

Jade Carving

Laizhou is the major birthplace of jade carving. Folk carving-art in Laizhou has a long history. Through many dynasties, like Song, Ming, Qing, and early Republic of China, jade carving has formed many different styles, which makes it a popular souvenir in Yantai.

  • Chinese name: 玉雕 Yudiao/ yoo-dyoww/
  • Place to buy jade carving: Xinzhuang Street 辛庄街
  • Transportation: take city bus No.2, 52, 53, or 6 and take off at Huaqiao Xincun Station (华侨新村站).

Straw Weaving

Straw Weaving craft is made of long and thin shoots. People in Yantai weave the straws into many crafts, even clothes. In a word, straw weaving presents the exquisite craft of people in Yantai.

  • Chinese name: 草编 Caobian/ tsaoww-byen /
  • Place to buy jade carving: Xinzhuang Street 辛庄街

Major Shopping Centers

Parson Shopping Center

It is a chain store in China, where you can buy many brand goods here like clothes, watches, shoes, glasses, jewelries, cosmetics and so on.

  • Chinese name: 百盛购物中心 Baisheng Gouwu Zhongxin
  • Address: 166 Nan Street 南大街166号
  • Open: 10am - 10pm
  • Transportation: Take city bus No. 1, 2, 4, 12, 52, or 62 and take off at Yantai No.3 Middle School Station (烟台第三中学站).

Zhenhua Department Store

It is a popular shopping center in Yantai, where sells a variety of goods like daily necessities, clothes, watches, glasses, and cosmetics and so on.

  • Chinese name: 振华购物中心 Zhenhua Gouwu Zhongxin
  • Address: 70 Nan Street, Zhifu Area 芝罘区南大街70号
  • Open: 10am - 10pm
  • Transportation: Take city bus No.21, 42, 44, 62, 80, or 86 and take off at Zhenhua Department Store Station (振华购物中心站).
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