Dragon Palace Cave

Longgong Cave (Dragon Palace Cave) Scenic Area is located in Matou Township (32 kilometers away from Anshun city, 132 kilometers from Guiyang, the capital city of Guizhou province). As the national scenic spot, it consists of four main areas, namely, Longgong Cave itself, the Rape Lake, Whirl Pool and Flower Valley.

Longgong Cave is a series of underground caverns which forms a huge network through 20 hills featured in-cave waterfall, stalactite, stalagmite, stone forest and other Karst landscape. It is a Karst wonder of China. There are 90 caverns linked up like a chain of beads by an underground river which is the longest underground river in China (about 5000 meters). It always reminds people of the Dragon Palace (where the Dragon King and his people live in Chinese folktales), that is the reason it gains the name. At present only one kilometers of the cave system is open to tourists. Tourist can enter Longgong Cave by rowboat at Tianchi (Heavenly Lake) located in front of the cave, and then drifting through the caverns. The scenery varies while the rowboat goes deeper.

Approaching to the entry of Longgong Cave, tourists will hear a huge sound of water-flowing. That is a waterfall which is 38 meters high and 25 meters wide, plunging into a pool in Longgong Cave through a crescent-shaped dormer. It looks like a dragon flying home through the gate of the palace and wins the name “Dragon Gate Flying Fall”. It is the largest in-cave waterfall in China.

the dragon palaceCruising in the Dragon Palace Cave

The surroundings outside the Longgong Cave are also very attractive featured mountains, rivers, flowers and rich Buyi ethnic customs, especially in spring when square kilometers of golden rapes are in full blossom. Due to the special Karst landform, the rape blossom sight of Longgong Cave Scenic Area presents multilayer in wave shape, which is different to that of the plain. The local people hold Rape blossom Festival every spring, during which there will be various kinds of ethnic minority performances. The seventh Rape blossom Festival is held from February 26 to March 31,2009 when tourists can save 70% discount of the entry price.