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 Where to Stay in Chengdu

Where to Stay in Chengdu

Written by Chris QuanUpdated Nov. 27, 2023

Chengdu is a city that people don't want to leave once they come. It has been named "the happiest city in China" for four consecutive years. This peaceful and prosperous city has not only a profound cultural accumulation but also beautiful natural scenery and a soothing rhythm of life.

Based on convenience of location, accommodation comfort, and distinctive experience, we have selected your best options for boutique hotels below where you can enjoy a comfortable stay while experiencing the real Chengdu.

These hotels are mostly near the city center by the famous tourist spots such as Wenshu Monastery and the Kuanzhai Alleys. They are all about 20 km or 1 hour northeast from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport.

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1. Buddha Zen Hotel — near Wenshu Monastery

Buddha zen hotel
  • Highlights: Buddhist cultural atmosphere
  • Location: 680 m from Wenshu Monastery
  • Price: from 67 USD per night

Wenshu Monastery is located north of the city center. It is the best-preserved Buddhist temple in Chengdu. This area is a good choice for elderly people.

Within 10 minutes' walking distance of Wenshu Monastery, Buddha Zen Hotel is housed in a traditional courtyard-style building, surrounded by local shops and restaurants. This characterful hotel fully incorporates the elegance and serenity of Chinese culture to create a Zen mood.

Find Zen, surprisingly, in the bustling city.

The hotel is exquisitely decorated with Zen minimalist-style wooden furnishings and has 35 elegant rooms with modern amenities. It is a three-story building with no elevator. Hotel staff are happy to help carry your luggage.

Although it is close to the pedestrian street, it does not lose its tranquility, letting you quietly experience the profundity of Buddhist culture. Standing on the balcony of the hotel, you can occasionally hear buskers singing and enjoy the slow life of Chengdu.

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2. The Temple House — near Taikoo Li

Temple house
  • Highlights: A collusion of fashion and tradition, excellent view of Taikoo Li
  • Location: Taikoo Li, 1.9 km (1.2 mi) from downtown Chengdu
  • Price: from 375 USD per night

Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu is the best shopping place if you are looking for trendy items. Hotels in the area are of higher quality and offer better services.

With an excellent location, The Temple House is in prosperous Taikoo Li, which has become a place that people must punch in at when they come to Chengdu. The combination of Chinese and Western design styles and first-class services are popular among couples and families with children.

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The exterior wall of the hotel incorporates an elegant bamboo pattern and reflects traditional architectural elements everywhere. When you step into it, you will feel like you floating back along the long river of history.

The rooms are stylish and spacious, creating a relaxed and fashionable atmosphere. You can overlook Taikoo Li's streetscape and historical buildings from your room.

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3. Chengdu Old Congde Alley — near Taikoo Li

Chengdu old congde alley
  • Highlights: Experience local life in the old alleys.
  • Location: a 6-minute drive from Taikoo Li
  • Price: from 165 USD per night

If you want to take in the sights and sounds of Chengdu, Chengdu Old Congde Alley would be an ideal choice. It is just 10 minutes' walk from Chengdu's most central roads: Chunxi Road and Taikoo Li.

The hotel perfectly combines the beauty of traditional architecture with the convenience of modern facilities. All the 12 rooms are in the style of a small courtyard house but with a Bauhaus (balanced, abstract, unornamented) style. Staying there, you can experience local life in the old alleys and appreciate the unique regional culture and history of Chengdu.

The hotel offers a one-to-one butler service and they will ask your breakfast preferences in advance to make arrangements, though the choice of Western dishes is limited.

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4. Diaoyutai Boutique Hotel Chengdu — near Kuanzhai Alleys

Diaoyutai boutique hotel chengdu
  • Highlights: comfortable private space with great Chinese courtyard views
  • Location: 170 m from the Kuanzhai Alleys
  • Price: from 276 USD per night

The Wide and Narrow Alleys area is one of the must-visit locations in Chengdu, filled with ancient Chinese architecture, folk culture with local characteristics, and local snacks. It is a good choice for families with kids and couples.

Situated by the historic Kuanzhai 'Wide and Narrow' Alleys, Diaoyutai Boutique Hotel Chengdu has a great location for you to explore the history and culture of Chengdu. It is the first work in China of Bruno Moinard, an appointed designer for Cartier.

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The hotel was crafted from a representative historical mansion. It is designed with antique exterior and luxurious interior. Every room has its own characteristics and layout, complete with advanced facilities, each with an excellent courtyard view and comfortable private space.

The Royal Court Restaurant in the hotel specializes in Diaoyutai cuisine, which continues the Chinese royal culinary legacy by culminating on the top 8 Chinese cuisines, and gathers ingredients from worldwide. You can also conveniently enjoy Chengdu specialties here.

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5. Wren Culture Boutique Hotel — near the Kuanzhai Alleys

Wren culture boutique hotel
  • Highlights: Zhuangzi culture
  • Location: 330 m from the Kuanzhai Alleys
  • Price: from 410 USD per night

The Wide and Narrow Alleys (Kuanzhai Alleys) area is one of the must-visit locations in Chengdu, filled with ancient Chinese architecture, folk culture with local characteristics, and local snacks. It is a good choice for families with kids and couples.

Wren Culture Boutique Hotel is in the Kuanzhai Alleys but is serene among the bustling crowd. It may look unimpressive on the exterior, but you will be amazed when you walk into the hotel. It is dominated by Zhuangzi culture (the antilogical spontaneity of the Daoist sage), revealing a strong cultural heritage everywhere.

The hotel was converted from a courtyard house typical of Western Sichuan and retains the architectural style of hundreds of years ago. Although the hotel has an antique design, its smart devices will make you feel particularly comfortable. All rooms are exquisite suites from 80 to 100 square meters with open spaces and elegant style.

Minibar and snacks are free of charge, and hot milk is offered every evening. Breakfast is delivered directly to your room, so you can easily enjoy your personal time. Warm service there will make you feel at home.

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6. Sangu Inn — Ideal start point for a trip to Western Sichuan

Sangu inn
  • Highlights: Enjoy the quiet life of a small suburban homestead
  • Location: 13.5 km (8.4 mi) northwest of downtown Chengdu
  • Price: from 54 USD per night

Sangu Inn is not in the downtown area, giving you a place to get away from the city and enjoy your personal tranquility. It will make you feel the warmth of home while being close to nature. It's an ideal place to begin a Western Sichuan trip from.

The boss is a very enthusiastic person who pays attention to the rituals of life. Every inch of land in the property is designed by himself. You can have a tea party with your friends in the garden, or pick vegetables yourself for cooking ingredients. Enjoying a relaxing time is an easy thing there.

Tips: The rooms are not very big, and the breakfast will be simple.

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