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Northern Airlines

China Northern Airlines, was established in 1990. It was merged into China Southern Airlines in 2002.

Quick Facts

  • English Name: China Northern Airlines
  • Chinese Name: 中国北方航空公司
  • IATA Code: CJ
  • ICAO Code: CBF
  • Callsign: CHINA NORTHERN
  • Company History: Merged into China Southern Airlines in 2002.


China Northern AirlinesChina Northern Airlines (CNA) was established on June 16,1990, with the headquarter in Shebang, and Merged into China Southern Airlines in 2002. In face of the socialist economic reform, the whole staff members of CNA strong and building the enterprise through arduous efforts. They experienced hazardous trials in the changeable market, went through a hard pioneering period, accumulated a lot of experiences on self-development, and finally made an inspiring progress. Search Live China Flights Schedule

By the end of 1999, CNA had achieved a total cargo rotation volume of 4882 million ton/kms, a passenger transportation volume of 36.3 million person-times, and the post carriage volume of 598100 tons.

The network of air routes was being perfected. CNA now holds six A300-600s, 24 MD82s, 13 MD-90s, 10 Y-7s, and 29 utility airplanes. It can supply 7060 seats for passengers daily, and it was annual comprehensive transport capacity had reached 1.138 billion ton/kms. The routes of CNA had developed from only 50 at the very beginning to 168 now.

With the increasing of transport capacity, the economic profits had also risen. By the end of 1999, the total business income of CNA had reached 26.5 billion yuan (RMB), thus its fixed assets reached the value of 13.6 billion yuan.

Since its establishment, CNA had set up two sub-companies with transport business as main and two holding joint ventures. It had formed the layout with Shebang. as its center, and Harbin, Changchun, Dalian and Sanya as its branches. Meanwhile, the CNA kept to the principle of one major business and diversified operation, thus its comprehensive management took shape.

Looking back on the course of the-year's efforts and especially the achievements they had made since the 15th Party Congress in 1997, the staff members of CNA were being more confident and proud to the bright future.

At the beginning of the 21st century, CNA planed to annually fulfill a total rotation volume to 1050 million ton/kms, a passenger transportation volume to 8 million person-times, and a mail cargo volume to 120000 tons. It was estimated that by the year 2010, the total freight rotation volume will get to 2700 million ton/kms.

CNA had signed a contract for ten A321s with the Airbus Industry, which had delivered one after another from the year 2001.