Beijing to Pyongyang Train

Beijing to Pyongyang Train

By AppleUpdated Jul. 7, 2021

There is only one pair of normal-speed trains between Beijing and Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, taking around 25 hours to cover 833 miles (1340 km). The international train from Beijing to Pyongyang is actually the extension of the domestic train from Beijing to Dandong. Two carriages will be added to this train when the train enters the North Korea.

Train Schedules

Train station with a “*” means immigration inspection needed.

K27 Beijing - Pyongyang
Travel Day  Station Country Arrive Depart
1 Beijing China   17:27
Tianjin 19:03 19:09
Tangshan 20:29 20:32
Shanhaiguan 22:36 22:42
2 Shenyang 03:18 03:40
Benxi 04:42 04:48
Fenghuangcheng 06:30 06:33
*Dandong 07:22 10:00
*Sinuiju North Korea 10:40 12:39
Dingzhou 15:03 15:13
Pyongyang 18:15  

Train station with a “*” means immigration inspection needed.

K28 Pyongyang - Beijing
Travel Day  Station Country Arrive Depart
1 Pyongyang North Korea   09:55
Dingzhou 13:09 13:16
*Sinuij 15:02 16:43
*Dandong China 16:23 18:31
Fenghuangcheng 19:19 19:21
Benxi 21:03 21:06
Shenyang 22:07 22:24
2 Shanhaiguan 02:58 03:04
Tangshan 05:21 05:24
Tianjin 06:49 06:55
Beijing 08:40  

How to Buy the Ticket

Beijing to Pyongyang Train Beijing to Pyongyang Train

Reservation of this train opens 1 month before departure. Passengers can buy international tickets from Beijing to Pyongyang at the designated ticket office in Beijing International Hotel. But the office only accepts cash (RMB) and you may encounter language problems there.

It is recommended that you book international train tickets with China Highlights. Make the booking online and tickets will be delivered to your hotel before you arrive.

Certificate you need to book the ticket:

Visa required: Chinese visa and North Korean visa

Please note: North Korean visa is not granted to individual travelers, only to group tourists.

Children's tickets:

Search the train schedule and make a booking now.

Please note:

Hard SleeperHard Sleeper on Beijing to Pyongyang Train

What are Facilities on This Train?

Things You Need to Know Before Taking the Train

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