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Beijing to Hanoi Train — Departure Date, Price, and Timetable

Beijing to Hanoi Train — Departure Date, Price, and Timetable

Written by FabioUpdated May. 17, 2023

The Z5 train runs twice a week from Beijing to Hanoi. Only soft sleeper tickets are available for this train.

The Z5 departs from Beijing West Station at 15:45 every Sunday and Thursday, and arrives at Hanoi at 05:20 on the third day. It means that you need to spend two nights on the train. From Gia Lam, Hanoi, Z6 departs every Tuesday and Saturday.

  • Distance: 2,804 kilometers (1,742 miles)
  • Duration: 37 hours 35 minutes (2 nights on the train)
  • Number of trains: 1 pair of normal speed trains
    Beijing, China - Hanoi, Vietnam Train Route Map

Train Departure Date, Stations, and Timetable

  • Beijing Terminal (China): Beijing West Railway Station (not Beijing Station), 北京西站 in Chinese
  • Hanoi Terminal (Vietnam): Gia Lam Railway Station (not Hanoi Station), 嘉林站 in Chinese

Timetable of Z5 from Beijing to Vietnam  

(Updated on July 11th, 2016.)

Country Train Stations  Arrival Departure Stopping Time  Train's Name Notes
 China Beijing West -- 15:45 Day 1 -- Z5 --
Guilin 11:30 Day 2 11:36 Day 2 6 min Z5 --
Nanning 15:40 Day 2 18:10 Day 2 2 h 30 min Z5/T8701 You may be asked to get off and wait on the platform while the train is shunted.
Pingxiang 22:01 Day 2 22:41 Day 2 40 min T8701 Get off the train to have your luggage scanned and get the Chinese exit stamp (China visa required).
 Vietnam  Dong Dang 23:22 Day 2 01:00 Day 3 1 h 38 min T8701/MR2 Get off the train to get the Vietnam stamp and fill in the arrival card (Vietnam visa required for some nationalities).
Gia Lam 05:20 Day 3 -- -- MR2 --
Train Departure Station Arrival Station Hard Berth Hard Sleeper (Upper/Middle/Lower) Soft Sleeper (Upper/Lower) Deluxe Sleeper (Upper/Lower) Departure Time Arrival Time Duration
5:20 Day 3
Thu.&Sun. /Week

Buy Train Tickets Online or at a Station

train ticket to HanoiTrain ticket
  • Soft sleeper: 4 berths in a cabin, half the price of a deluxe sleeper

Valid ID is required when buying a ticket AND boarding a train:

  • Foreign passengers: passport
  • Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan passengers: Mainland Travel Permit

You are suggested to buy tickets 15 days before your departure.

Buy Tickets Online

There are only soft sleeper tickets available from Beijing to Hanoi. You are recommended to buy train tickets online with China Highlights' international train tickets service.

We provide detailed and helpful English guidance, a 24/7 service, and also a ticket delivery service. You only need to complete three steps to get your train tickets.

Buy Tickets at Beijing West Station

Beijing West StationBeijing West Station

If you decide to buy tickets at Beijing West Station in person, you need to do it at another place near the train station, where white characters are displayed on a blue board showing "中国铁道旅行社". It's across the road from Tianyou Hotel (天佑大厦).

  • Company name: 中国铁道旅行社 Zhōngguó Tiědào Lǚxíngshè 'China Railways Travel Service'
  • Address: Beifengwo Road, Haidian District, Beijing
  • In Chinese: 北京市海淀区北蜂窝路
  • Distance from Beijing West Station: within 2 kilometers, about 13 yuan by taxi

It is useful to know that the staff members there don't speak English so, to help, you may prefer to print the following Chinese phrase and English translation on some card and take it with you.

Useful Chinese translation card:

English Chinese
I want to buy a train ticket to Hanoi, Vietnam. 我想买张去越南河内的火车票。

Getting to Beijing West Railway Station by Taxi

Taxi Stand Cost Journey
Tian'anmen Square 35 yuan (5.50 USD) 25 minutes
Beijing South Railway Station 35 yuan (5.50 USD) 25 minutes
Beijing Capital Intl Airport 135 yuan (20.50 USD) (includes expressway toll) 1 hour 10 minutes

Taxis Are Available at 05:20 When You Arrive in Vietnam

 Gia Lam Railway Station Gia Lam Railway Station

You may be worried about the arrival time, 05:20. Is it too early to start your trip? Actually 05:20 is the time in Vietnam, which is one hour earlier than the time in Beijing, China (06:20). Also, people in Vietnam get up earlier than most Westerners do; therefore, taxis are available outside for you when you arrive at the station. 

Other Ways to Get to Vietnam via Land or Water

Except for the Z5 from Beijing to Hanoi, there are also many other trains from China to Vietnam, e.g., daily regular trains departing from Nanning.

More ways to travel are given in How to Get to Vietnam via Land or Water, which also offers tailor-made trips to Vietnam.

Things to Pack in Your Bag

As you need to get off the train twice late at night, we suggest you take the following items:

  • Two passport photos and a pen, in case of any paperwork
  • Small change for a SIM card or water, if needed 
  • A flashlight, because it will be dark outside

Why There Are Different Names — Z5, T8701, and MR2

trains in Hanoi

The train from Beijing to Vietnam is actually an extension of the Z5 train from Beijing to Nanning (only three carriages of the train extend to Hanoi).

On the Beijing – Nanning route it is named Z5; when it arrives in Nanning, the international carriages are shunted to T8701 to Dong Dang, the Vietnamese frontier; it is renamed as the MR2 on the Dong Dang to Gia Lam, Hanoi, route.

Actually, they are on the same line to Vietnam. It is good to know that you need to get off the train twice, when you arrive at Pingxiang (the border in China) and Dong Dang (the border in Vietnam).

Train Travel Ideas to Vietnam or Other Southeast Asian Countries

Angkor WatAngkor Wat, Cambodia

If you are looking for travel ideas in Vietnam, please see our most popular tours below for inspiration:

If you want to adjust the itinerary, we can tailor-make it for you. We can help you arrange your tour according to your interests and requirements.

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